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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Alit Elfminate at [1,-22]
Level required 4
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 25
Total rewards Level-Based XP, Level-Based Kamas, 1 Earmuffs, 1 Winter Cloak
Items required
(not provided by quest)
5 Sick Grossewer Shaman Wool, 5 Black Gobbly Wool 5 Gobball Wool, 1 Boar Tusk, 2 Boar Hair, 1 Miliboowolf Hair, 2 Prespic Peak, 2 Hazelnut
Sequel None

The Latest Fashion is a quest.


Talk to Alit Elfminate at [1,-22].


Welcome, step inside, darling! OOOOHHH!!! Not just a pretty face. I've friends who would kill for a body like that, get over here you vixen!!! My clothes will be perfect on you! But look at me, so rude... my name is Alit Elfminate, possibly the WORLD'S most fashionable tailor!"

Offer to lend a hand.

I wouldn't mind a little help actually. We need a lot more Gobbly wool for our stock, if by any chance you could go and shear a few of the beasts...


If you bring me 5 Gobbly wool of each colour, I could make a small cape just for you!

Step 1: In Need of Wool[]

Alit the tailor needs some black and Sick Grossewer Shaman Wool. If you take some to him, he will probably make something just right for you...


Thanks a lot... Here - this is the kind of cloak you can make with it. Try it on!!! Oh. My. God... you look sooo cute! AAAARGH! But you need a lining for wintertime! I'll use some regular Gobball wool, less pretty but it'll keep your cheecks nice and toasty for the winter. Bring me your cloak and 5 balls of wool and I'll take care of it... Can I? Oh, say I can!

Step 3: All That Fuss for an Earmuff![]

Bring the materials need to make an earmuff. Some of them will be hard to get, you may have to ask for some help.


Thanks so much! Just a minute... There you go, you look good enough to eat! It's PER-FECT - I'm perfect! Mummy always said I was talented.


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