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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro at [-33,-56]
Other prerequisitesModern Warrior : Special Tactics (Bonta Quest #55)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 2,560,702), Bontarian Alignment level 56
Items required
(not provided by quest)
2 Kriptonite, 20 Hazel Wood
SequelAmbiguous Ambition (Bonta Quest #57)

The Militiaman's New Clothes is a quest.

Formerly known as The Militian's New Clothes.


Talk to Amayiro at [-33,-56] in Bonta.


Hello, Nara told me through his friend Norb that he needs some basic materials to make a prototype of his new set for the militia. You must visit Norb, get everything Nara needs and bring it back to him. That shouldn't take too long and you can go relax at the Bagrutte Inn when you're done.

Accept the mission.

Step 1: Raw MaterialsEdit

In the Porcos' Mine, Nara the blacksmith needs 20 units of silver, 20 units of Ebony wood and a tool which can be found in Norb's workshop.
He will be there with a Brakmarian Eniripsa.

Don't say a word. I suppose it's Nara who's forgotten some of his tools? He's lucky someone is going to bring them to him!

Ask who the Eniripsa is.

Ah, him. It's actually the first time I've seen him. He wanted to know if I worked for Bonta but I told him no. I told him that Nara worked for them though... should I have?

Fight the Eniripsa before he escapes.
If you fight the Eniripsa, he is level 136. (not confirmed)

Sorry, I'm not taking any orders for the moment.

Ask for the list of supplies for Nara

The list? Ah yes, the list. Here you go. I took the liberty of adding some instructions to it. Get rid of this toolbox for me on your way there please, it's been taking up space in my forge for long enough.

  • Find the map: Grounded Boat
  • Recover some Depth Ore
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click the chest on the opposite side of the room
You will get attacked by 2 Annoyed Hazwonarm, 2 Annoyed Boomba, 2 Annoyed Drunkyller and 2 Annoyed Snickerblade. All level 139 with 2900 HP. You will drop 1 Depth Ore. I highly recommend bringing more characters.
Before you plan your visit to Nara, it should be noted that you will need to once again bring 3 other people with you to stand on tiles. This time when you visit Nara, you'll have to go trough the second gate. In the first room you must fight a mob of 2 Boobytrapped Chests, 3 Pebble Pushers, and 3 Robo Maces. Other people can help you (highly recommended).
Boobytrapped Chests can summon Vorpal Swords that not only have the ability to disco dance, but also have the ability to insta-kill on a critical hit. For this reason it is highly advised that you focus down the Chests first.
In the second room, there are 3 gates, a ladder and a passageway. The ladder takes you to a room with 3 ores which can be mined. You can also return from this room. After each gate you'll find a monster and some ores. You need to kill each monster with every character you need to get to the next room. These are single fights.
The third room houses the tiles and the pathway is visible. The monsters in the tile room do not aggro but the Boobytrapped Chests in the room below do. Have yourself and the 3 people you brough along stand on four tile (N, A, R, A). Once you pass the gates in this room, you lose the Mechanical Parts you dropped in room 2.
In the fourth room, you will have to do one more fight against Boobytrapped Chests, Robo Maces and Pebble Pushers before you have access to Nara.
In the fifth room you find Nara.

Who are you? What do you want? Stay away from me!

Hand over the resources.

Sorry, I thought you were someone else, nobody followed you, did they? You should be more careful, you never know what's hiding in the shadows. By the look of you I'd say you had a few problems on the way here. Norb told you about the shortcut I hope?! Well if there's nothing else, I have to get back to work.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 2,560,702)
  • Alignment level 56
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