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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Erty Trapchet at [0,-19]
Level required10
Other prerequisitesP2P to complete
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Level-Based Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Drinking Water, 1 Evil Dandelion Flower

The Plant Dissension is a quest.


Talk to Erty Trapchet at [0,-19] in Astrub Forest.


Beautiful! An Acrimonius Eriaxis Rigida, haha! A beautiful specimen. Hold your ears up to this felllow's petals and you'll be in a bad mood all day! Ah! I lost track of time! I have to feed my plant Audrey, she's an extremely rare acid Brakmaris... Could you give me a hand and water it for me?


Here's my address... I live in the South of the city. You can't miss my house... its surrounded with plants!
There's a well a little to the west of the house too, if you don't know where to look for water...

End dialogue

Step 1: The Waterman WateringEdit

Erty Trapchet forgot to look after his plants, you have to go to his place and water them.
  • Find the map: 'Trapchet's House'
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [2,-15]
  • Water Trapchet's flowers
Get Drinking Water and click on the flower in Erty's basement, bottom left-hand corner.

Yowza, thank you! I get so involved in my work that I often forget where I live, ha, ha! I can see that you're a helpful soul - that can get you killed around here, kid! Anyway, would you mind finding an evil dandelion for me? I often see some hanging around the fields North East of the village...
I would like to compare the their seeds to the Wild Epyss grains I collected yesterday.



  • Level-Based XP

Step 2: The Epyss Gets Sucked DownEdit

Erty Trapchet would like to study some dandelion seeds to compare them with some Epyss...

There are dandelions in the fields north-east of town, if I remember rightly.

Give a dandelion flower

Fascinating, I was right after all! Those two plants have a common ancestor. Have I told you I'm a writer?... I am currently working on a book about the origin of aggressive plants in Amakna. Reading through old manuscripts, I discovered the before the 150's, flowers were friendly, or even obliging! I really wonder what made them become so aggressive!

Propose your help

Hoho! Look at this... the apprentice of my dreams... I always wanted a soft young thing like you... the kind you can get to run errands at the other end of the land and who'll always come back smiling... ah, poverty's a great thing! Anyway, if you want a job, I need someone to make a survey of the area, to tell me where most flowers grow. I'm making a map of the most common species.

End dialogue.


  • Level-Based XP

Step 3: What a weedy mess!Edit

For his research, Trapchet needs to study the geographical distribution of the flowers around Astrub.
  • Find the map: 'Astrub fields'
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Locations: [6,-26], [5,-28], [4,-25]
  • Three Flower is at 13,11

This information is interesting, very interesting. Still, I need to know more to make up my mind. There's a guy in Amakna, a Three-Flower... he knows about the plants and trees. Ask him to show you around the region. When you're done, write a report and bring it to me when you come back to Astrub! Off you run, young disciple. Hihihiii!


Three-Flower lives to the south. Ask at the Amakna village Inn, I'm sure someone will be able to tell you where he is. He's bound to turn up there sonner or later, he always had a soft spot for beer!

End dialogue.


Step 4: The good the bad and the floraEdit

Three-Flower, a friend of Trapchet, lives in Amakna and knows the flora of the area thoroughly. Go ask him for some information about the aggressive flowers in this area.
Note: This step takes you out of Astrub. If you are F2P you will be unable to complete this step.
Talk to Laura Soho at the Amakna Inn in [2,-1]
She tells you to search out Three-Flowers (your compass will point the way).

Three-Flower? Ah yes indeed, he's one of our best customers! He's often hanging around the rivers and valleys of the Asse coast... he just loves Asse, can't get enough.

Talk to Three Flower [13,11]

Trapchet... send... you? Happy... he's... eaten by... a plant... the bugger...

*Three-Flower takes a piece of paper out of his pocket: "Sorry, I lost my voice yesterday!" is written on it.*

I've got... interesting... news.... a darrr... k... rose... fields... of the Ingalsse... bring... one... flower... of this rose... to Trapchet..!

Apparen...tly... odd... patterns... were... made.... in the... wheat.... you'll recog.....nize them... with this detail..

  • Uncover area 'Ingalsses' Fields'
Go to Ingalsses' Fields.

I got these Vhan seeds off the dark Rose of the Astrub Fields... Wanna see some sparks fly... well, plant them under that rock over there and run back to me as fast as you can... Hihihiiii!


  • Level-based XP

Step 5: Whoever sows the wynd shall reap the WhirlwyndEdit

To test his theory about the emergence of carnivorous flowers, Trapchet wants you to sow some dark rose seeds and harvest the plants.
  • Sow Vhan's seeds
Go to [6,-28] and click on the rock.
  • Wait for the Artempeth to grow.
Wait until the Artempth Rose grows (at least 24 hours). A Harvest note in your Quest Items shows when you need to return.
  • Defeat 1 Artempth Rose in one fight.
Defeat the Artempth Rose. Be careful! It's a fairly powerful enemy, with a level of 35, 810HP and 4MP. It is essentially a more powerful Evil Dandelion or Demonic Rose. Hits about 30 HP when is beside you, attempts to reduce AP and MP.

Awesome! I'm starting to understand how this plant mutation stuff works!
I think till then we'll find the remedy... I don't know what'll happen id we don't.!


Total RewardsEdit


Erty Trapchet's plant, Audrey, is based on the plant Audrey II from The Little Shop of Horrors.

The name "Erty Trapchet" is a reference to the fantasy author Terry Pratchett. The name "Three Flowers" is, in turn, a reference to one of the main characters of his first book (The Colour of Magic) called Two Flower.

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