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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesCapture (Bonta Quest #50)
Recommended level131
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (max: 1,208,377), Alignment level 51, 2,000 Kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelEquip the Garrison (Bonta Quest #52)

The Port Salutes is a quest.


Talk to Amayiro


NPCs text.

Dialogue option.

NPCs response to selected option.

Step 1: SkirmishEdit

There's a fight taking place near Cania Bay, on the road at the halfway point between Bonta and Brakmar. You must join in and help Bonta win.

  • Find map Battle of the plain.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [-29,-12]
When you arrive on the map, you will be immediately attacked by five Brakmarian Warriors. Four Bontarian Warriors will join you in the fight.
  • The fight is over. Justfa Lafs is waiting for your report.
You get a Brakmarian Patrol Insignia.

Step 2: Back to Justfa LafsEdit

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Within the Tower, he is on the second floor in the right wing.

Hello, is it you who fought the Brakmarians near Cania Bay?

Declare your victory

Congratulations, we undid the Brakmarians' plans with your help, but I'm worried about something... their equipment is of such high quality. It's unnaceptable. Are we not the most powerful city in the world of twelve?
Here's 2,000 kamas for the job. You can leave for now, I have a few words to say to Amairyo about this.

If you have troubles with Justfas answer, make sure that you have completed this quest:


You turned the tide of battle, but Brakmar still has the upper hand on our soilders, but I am concerned that out forces are no match for Brakmars forces. Do you think their equipment is better quality than ours? I'm very worried about it.


  • Level-Based XP
  • Alignment level 51

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