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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro at [-33,-56]
Level required60
Other prerequisitesThe Tabi of Amayiro (Bonta Quest #19)
Recommended level73
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Alignment level 20
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Twiggy Shovel
SequelRings on the fingertips (Bonta Quest #21)

The Tsog ghost is a quest.


Talk to Amayiro at [-33,-56] in Bonta.


A clairvoyant told me this morning that Captain Tsog had some information of paramount importance to tell me before he died.
Find a way to get in touch with him at the cemetery to the east of Bonta and bring me back his last words.
Ask Captain Alrok if you need further information about where his grave is.


Step: Information about the CaptainEdit

You must find a way to communicate with the passed away captain Tsog in order to get the information he wants to pass on. Captain Alrok knows where Tsog's grave is.


Captain Alrok at your service! What can I do for you?

Talk about Tsog.

Hmmm, Tsog was a brilliant soldier, he died the death of a hero. The problem was the silly old fool wanted to be buried in the deserted cemetery east of Bonta...

Ask for the site of the tomb.

To find his grave, you need to go to the place I've just marked on your map.
You can't miss it, I put flowers on the grave not so long ago...

  • Find the map: Tsog's Tomb


  • Transform into a phantom to contact Tsog
Go to [-21,-61] as a Ghost and step in front of the open tomb, then step on Tsog.
You receive 1 Words of Tsog.

  • Find the chest hidden by Tsog
Equip a Twiggy Shovel and head to [22,22] in Sufokia. Go into the tunnel and left to [22,21], and click on the barrel with a skull and cross bones.
You receive Tsog's Hidden Chest.

Hand over the chest.

Very good, I'm really impressed!

Listen to his advice.

I spoke about you to various Order masters and they're prepared to accept you into their ranks. You'll have to go to the Bontarian Tower of Orders where they'll help you choose a path.
There's no rush, you've all the time in the World to choose an Order, and you won't be roped into anything.

You lose 1 Words of Tsog.
You lose 1 Tsog's Hidden Chest.


  • Level-Based XP
  • Alignment level 20
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