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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Key Master at (-6,-40)
Other prerequisites Dungeons and Yet More Dungeons
Recommended level 120-180
Total rewards Level-based XP, 349,872 Kamas and 1 Kin's Relic
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Warrior Worries
Repeatable No

The Warrior's Path is a quest.


Finish Dungeons and Yet More Dungeons by talking to Key Master at (-6,-40) and you'll automatically start The Warrior's Path.

You receive 1 Skeunk's Hideout Key.

Step 1: Master Mite[]

The master decided to impose you some more ordeals. This is getting boring.
  • Find the map: Skeunk's Hideout Exit
Level-based XP, 40,272 Kamas

Step 2: Master or not Master[]

This time the master has sent you to check who has the biggest ones.
  • Find the map: Kitsoune Dungeon Exit
You receive 1 Fouxwork Factory Key.
Level-based XP, 46,752 Kamas

Step 3: Game Master[]

In this case, counting to three - no more, no less - will be no help at all.
  • Find the map: Firefoux Dungeon Exit
You receive 1 Ancestral Domain Key.
You receive 1 Soft Oak Clearing Key.
Level-based XP, 53,712 Kamas

Step 4: Master Minator[]

The master believes you're a real instrument of warfare; there's another ordeal for you.
  • Find the map: Soft Oak Dungeon Exit
You receive 1 Labyrinth of the Minotoror Key.
You receive 1 Minotot Room Key.
Level-based XP, 53,712 Kamas

Step 5: Master Restrial[]

It seems like you won't be able to escape this endless list of massacres. But if that's what has to be done.
  • Find the map: Minotot's Maze Exit
You receive 1 Bworker Dungeon Key.
Level-based XP, 69,072 Kamas

Step 6: Master Minus[]

Almost there! The Key Master has entrusted you with one last ordeal.
  • Find the map: Bworker Dungeon Exit
Level-based XP, 86,352 Kamas

Step 7: At Last![]

You made it! It's finally over. Metamunch had better keep his promise. The ultimate Kin family relic is yours!

Total rewards[]