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NPC Details
Area Archipelago of Vulkania
Thomas Cork
Location Vulkania Village
Coords [-49,44]
Options Talk

Thomas Cork is an NPC.



Hello! How are you?
Vulkania Island is beautiful, don't you think?

Have you been to Bar Racuda yet? Our waiters will be only to happy to let you sample our local beverages.
If you need anything else, I'd be more than happy to help.

Find out more about the Shell Hunt.

You're in luck! I'm just organising a daily hunt for tourists who are fed up of having too much time on their hands.
If you want to take part in this activity, it couldn't be easier. When I say go, you have 15 minutes to collect as many shells from the Sun and Surf beaches as you can, but I wouldn't go down to Tarada Bay if I were you. It's very dangerous there, even if that does mean there's much less competition.
Once the 15 minutes are up, bring your shells back to me and I'll give you a certain number of points for each shell, depending on which type it is. The more points you get, the more chance you have of getting an interesting present.
You can do this activity once every 20 hours. So, are you interested?

Take part.

Since it's your first time, you should know that if you want to have your passport stamped for this activity, you'll need to get at least 80 points.
If you don't manage it today, you can come back and try your luck again every day you're on Vulkania.
Are you ready to start the hunt?

Collect Shells.

Hurry up! The clock's ticking.