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  • Hey, I just recently edited The Melody of Music so that it would look similar to the other quest pages. For the most part I just filled in some info, made it more compact and removed a lot of empty space. The problem is I was a little uncomfortable editing this person's work, especially so considering this page was a little more recent and the creator has done a lot more hard work than I have. The page was fine for the most part, I'm just a perfectionist and I did not really understand why all of that empty space was there... So I guess I just want to make sure this particular edit was justified before I continue.

    I'm mostly concerned about the empty space, I think they may just prefer the way it looks with the empty space, while I prefer the more compact look. I do not want to impose my style, but I do like consistency, so I'm not entirely sure what the right move is in this case...

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    • Extra whitespace is irritating to scroll through, especially on a tablet or phone, so it’s almost always better to get rid of it.

      I have a vague recollection that the site templates may have been having some issues at the time that page was done, so that may have been why he had it a bit more spread out. Or those edits might have been done via the Visual Editor, which usually screws up spacing.
      His more recent pages don’t tend to be spread out like that.

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