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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6]
Other prerequisitesReturn to the Present, Temporal Anomalies
Recommended level120
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 3,082,320), 33,560 Kamas, 20 Orichor, 3 Segmantid Pixel
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelNoon Demons

Time Prisoners is a quest.


Talk to Doc Ettem Bworn at [1,6] in the Gonebyways.

Ask how his search for a solution to help the Voyagers lost in time is coming.

The main problem is the lack of power. To remedy it, I can only see one possible solution: using the memory fragment from a Xelomorph that's more powerful than the others, and before it gets used up. To do that, we first need to solve two problems: find a way of taking the fragment from Fraktal, because the sonic screwdriver isn't going to work, and being able to use the device on site.

Listen to the offer.

For the sample, go and speak to the Mueseum Guardian. She and I have talked about it ir the past and she should be able to help us. For my part, I'm going to do the best I can to create a miniature version of the machine.


Step 1: Time PrisonersEdit

Despite the failure of the preceding mission, Doc Ettem Bworn hasn't had his last word.
Explain the problem of the Voyagers stuck in other times.

It's extremely annoying. The individuals have no business being outside their timeline. The situation needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. The Legendary Blade, kept in the Time Temple, should meet your needs. Take it, use it, and don't forget that it's called return.

Thank her, marveling at the fact that such a powerful sword has such a ridiculous name.

  • Find the map: Temple of Time
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Go to [4,2] (in Xelorium).
You will receive 1 Legendary Blade.
You will receive 1 Portable Detector.
Show the Blade of Legend.

Nice blade. Be careful when you shave, all the same. It doesn't look very practical to me. Personally, I would have used a shorter blade. Let's get back on topic. I managed to build a portable detector, so here's the plan: you go into Fraktal's Megalith, yoou remove a fragment of his memory and you use it straight away in your device. Don't forget to do it while you're there, or you'll have to go back.

  • Defeat 1 Fraktal in a single fight
Warning: Do not leave the dungeon until you finish this step. You must use the Portable Detector in the exit room of the dungeon. You may safely leave the dungeon after finishing this step.
Hand over the spatio-temporal detector.

Look, can you see these lights? They are the Dimensional Voyagers trapped in the other eras. That means it's working! Great Dzcott! Here was me thinking that, by miniaturising the detector, it wouldn't be able to support Fraktal's power and would explode. I am more astonished than anyone by the result. I'm going to let Gizmond Quelyn know right away so his team can build a machine capable of bring the Voyagers back to the present. I'll also take the Legendary Blade, the Museum's Guardian has been asking me for it.


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