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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesIs Anybody There? (Bonta Quest #76)
Recommended level177
Total rewardsLevel based XP, Alignment level 77
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelMy Memory's Gone to Pieces (Bonta Quest #78)

Time Theft (Quest) is a quest.


  • Talk to Amayiro

I've heard much good about you from Ebru of El, it seems that once again you surpassed yourself. Your success has also reached the ears of Steward Danathor, and he's asked to see you urgently. He needs your help to prepare a magical gift or something like that

Step 1: Time TheftEdit

Danathor needs you. It concerns a story about a magical gift, or something like that.
You will receive 1 Danathor's Requests
You will lose 1 Danathor's Requests
  • Find a way to enter The Rogue's Den
  • Talk to the NPC Budd Spenza standing outside the Rogue Temple
  • Find a girl in Bagrutte's Inn who is interested in the Rogues' proposal
  • Just talk to the NPCs in Bagrutte's Inn in Bonta.
You will lose 1 Plain Boar
  • Find the map: Crate Room
  • [-34,-57] Go through the pillars on the left of the map
Time Theft Crate Room Entrance
  • The Mysterious Box can be quite a confusing fight but it isn't actually that hard. It will be most easy to bring 4 characters in total (which is the maximum for the fight). It can be helpful to have some heals as well.
Main goal: Get the 4 elementary sparks into the middle glyph. If they are all on the glyph at the same time and the Mysterious Box starts it's turn, you will win the fight. 
Strategy: The key to the fight is to constantly get the sparks in line with each other. There are 2 main mechanics to move the sparks around. Note that each time you hit a spell, all your allies will lose around 90 to 140 hp. This is why it is nice to have a healing character on your team.
1: Hit a spark with it's corresponding element (So hit the fire spark with a fire spell). This will pull all the sparks in line with the spark you hit by 1 cell.
2: Hit a spark with it's complementary element (So hit a fire spark with a water spell, or an earth spark with an air spell). This will push all the sparks in line with the spark you hit by 1 cell.
3: There is a third mechanic available which swaps the sparks. To swap sparks, simply hit a spark with a spell that isn't his corresponding or complementary element. This might possible be helpful for those who don't have that many spells for each element available, but you most likely won't be needing this mechanic.
Example: To actually achieve this, it is important to keep all the sparks in line with each other. This means that you shouldn't try to single out one spark and get it to the middle, but try to get all the sparks closer to the middle at the same time. If one spark gets singled out, try to push and pull so that the spark is in line with the other sparks again. The best way to do this, is by getting 2 sparks on either side of the glyph. Here is an example:
Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 13.06.46
If you still find it confusing, you can use this youtube video as an example:
  • Talk to Mysterious Box
You will receive 1 Stolen Fragment of Time


  • Alignment level 77
  • Level based XP
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