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Time Toad (monster) is a monster.

For the NPC of the same name see Time Toad.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Parry MP Parry Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
 ?  ? ? ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? -


Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Agent Da's Report 100% Quest (Tomorrow Never Dies)

Strategy Part 1: Uncertain FutureEdit

This fight must be done alone. You will be transformed into a little robot that looks like a Boombot for this fight. You will have 3 spells to use, and only 1 AP, 1 MP and 10 HP. Each turn you can use your 1 AP to either push something linear 1 cell, pull something linear 1 cell or teleport a few cells away. Note that the teleport spell has a cooldown, while the pushing and pulling spells do not.

You must defeat the Time Toad, however it cannot be killed, instead you must survive the random temporal madness for 20 turns to win the fight. The Time Toad does not attack you directly, but each time it starts its turn it will summon multiple strange objects in what seems to be completely random locations spread across the entire map, but as random as it may seem there will always be objects threatening you. If one of these objects is summoned near you you will take 1 damage, and there really is nothing you can do about it. The Time Toad will also detonate 1 of these objects randomly at the start of each turn. When detonated, these objects die and deal 1 damage to anything next to them, while Trees specifically deal 2 damage when they explode. They will also cause a chain reaction and detonate any other random objects next to them, triggering the same effect.

The random objects consist of a Harpoon, a Perch, a Doll, a Bag and a Tree. The Harpoons will deal 1 damage to you from infinite linear range, no line of sight needed. The Perches don't damage you directly, but they will put you into Gravity state if summoned near you, preventing you from using your teleport spell. The Dolls are the only objects that move around and they will try to get right next to you to explode, killing themselves and dealing 1 damage to you, similar to The Sacrificial Doll. The Bags and Trees are static and don't appear to do anything at all, however the Trees deal 2 damage to you instead of 1 when they explode, as previously noted.

Overall this fight is one of the most random fights in the game, and it might not even seem to be any fair, however there are a few things you can do to help yourself survive. With that being said though, be prepared to die several times, no matter how skilled you are. Do not end your turn linear to any Harpoons, and stay away from the Dolls. You can try to hide in a corner with only 1 or 2 open cells next to you. The Time Toad will usually come close to you and end every turn next to you, so you can use it to protect yourself from the Dolls, but the Harpoons and any random explosions next to you can and likely will still kill you.

You may find yourself in a corner that starts out to be safe, but then becomes dangerous. You can use your pushing and pulling spells to move objects in a way that benefits you. For example, you might have the Time Toad and a Tree next to you, but you are worried that the Tree will explode and get you killed, which is a very real possibility. You could push the Tree and leave it 1 cell away from you while there are no Dolls nearby, but once a Doll gets too close you can pull the Tree next to you again for safety. It could even be a Bag or a Perch that is protecting you, it does not have to be a Tree, just keep in mind that the Time Toad itself can be your best tool, as it does not explode or damage you directly.

It should also be noted that if the Mummifying Solitude Combat Modifier is active in Xelorium this fight becomes incredibly trivial, as you will essentially be immune to all of the damage in this fight, except for the trees that deal 2 damage when they explode. So in other words, if you look like a mummy instead of a Boombot during the fight you can safely pass every single turn without doing anything and you should easily win.

Strategy Part 2: Present DayEdit

This fight must be done alone. You will be transformed into a little bunny that looks like a Coney for this fight. You will be assisted by the Time Toad and the Enamoured Thriten that you helped during the previous quest, although the Time Toad does not actually offer any real assistance. The Time Toad has 200 HP, runs around aimlessly and does not use any spells. You must protect the Time Toad from 6 Temporalized Altdemons. If the Time Toad dies you will lose the fight. Both you and the Enamoured Thriten are Invulnerable though, so you need not worry about protecting yourself. The Enamoured Thriten deals 15 damage from melee range to a single target. He can also deal 10 damage to each enemy next to him.

This time you will have 4 spells to use, 2 AP and 2 MP. You can summon a little static Dial that deals 5 damage from linear medium range, and can hit up to 2 targets per turn. You can summon a little Needle that deals 15 damage from melee range to a single target. The Dials have more HP and survive longer than the Needles, while the Needles have much less HP and can die quickly. You also have a spell that will instantly kill any 1 of your summons. This can be useful as you may only have 4 total summons alive at once. Finally, you have a spell that can push the Enamoured Thriten in any direction. Note that this spell only works on him, and that it will have no effect on anything else.

You must defeat 2 Temporalized Twentoos, 2 Temporalized Sethens and 2 Temporalized Thirtrees to win this fight. They do not really fight the same way as regular Altdemons do. The Thirtrees can deal damage and reduce AP from medium range in an area of effect. The Sethens can deal damage and push their targets back from short range. The Twentoos can deal damage from long range. The Thirtrees are particularly annoying, as they will reduce your AP, as well as the AP of your Enamoured Thriten friend, preventing you from making much progress. The Sethens can be problematic, as they will keep pushing your Enamoured Thriten friend back until they get dangerously close to the Time Toad.

Overall this fight in the Time Toad saga is much less random than the first fight, and will probably feel much easier too, however this fight is definitely the longest of the 3. Try to kill the Thirtrees quickly, as once they are dead you won't need to worry about your AP, and the fight should move along much more smoothly. Still, keep the Sethens pushing ability in mind. You can try to position the Enamoured Thriten with your spell that moves him in a way that he is against a wall or entity and can no longer be pushed back by the Sethens. For the most part these enemies will hang around you and your Enamoured Thriten friend, trying to attack you even though you are Invulnerable, but if the Time Toad gets too close they will not hesitate to attack it. Try to summon your Needles on a cell that will lead them to the target you want to kill. Trying to kill the Thirtrees first may be a good idea, but you should still finish off any wounded Altdemons that are close to death.

Since both you and the Enamoured Thriten are Invulnerable you can use your own bodies as shields to stop the Altdemons from killing the Time Toad that you have possibly grown to love, or hate. Keep in mind though that you and/or the Enamoured Thriten will be losing AP to Thirtrees if they are still alive, so if you get too close to them you might end up being locked with 0 AP. You will probably notice that this fight is more difficult in the early stages, but once you have killed 2 or 3 of the Altdemons the rest should not be a problem. You might die a few times trying to find the right formula for this fight, or you might win the very first try without too much trouble.

Strategy Part 3: GonebywaysEdit

This fight must be done alone. You will be transformed into a little plant that looks like The Swindling for this fight. You will have 4 spells to use, 3 AP and 2 MP. You have a spell that places a glyph from long range. The glyph does not seem to do anything, other than forcing the Time Toad to run off of it or away from it. You have a long range damage spell that will also damage you when you use it. You also have a short range damage spell that steals HP. (You have one more spell that I believe buffs your MP for 1 turn, but this is from my memory and I cannot be certain.)

You must defeat the Time Toad once and for all. This time it can be killed, and you must kill it in 30 turns or less, or you will lose the fight. The Time Toad itself will not damage you or use any spells, it will only run around the map trying to avoid you and your glyphs. It starts very far away from you, and since you only have 2 MP it can take some time to catch up to it.

Overall this fight will probably be the least complicated of the 3, unless you used Mummifying Solitude in the first fight. That being said you can still lose if you are not being careful. While the Time Toad is too far away you can try to place glyphs in a way that it will avoid them and come closer to you. The Time Toad seems to refuse ending its turn on these glyphs, so you will want to try to place them where its last MP reaches. You can also deal some damage to the Time Toad from long range when possible, which will help, but your ultimate goal is to get close enough to it so you can use your HP stealing spell. You cannot win this fight using only your long range damage spell, as you will die from the damage it deals to you. You will inevitably need to get close to the Time Toad and steal its HP a few times to survive, then you can balance your attacks. Keep in mind you only have 30 turns though, so you cannot just sit around and wait.

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