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| Brown-Noser || Unlock Achievement: [[Brown-Noser]]
| Brown-Noser || Unlock Achievement: [[Brown-Noser]]
| Super-Helper || Unlock Achievement: [[You Can Call Me Super]]
| Stopgap || Unlock Achievement: [[Wondering Wanderers]]
| Stopgap || Unlock Achievement: [[Wondering Wanderers]]

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A Title is a word or words which appear under a character's name when wearing certain pieces of equipment.

For a list of equipment which grant titles see Category:Title equipment.

List of available Titles:

Title Obtained from
Terror or the Peninsula Scale Shield
Master Shield Smith Master Shield Smith's Shield
Sauroshell Smasher Grozillamulet
Master of the Elements Ellie's Mental Amulet
Grand Master of the Elements Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet
P.A.N.T.S. Initiate Potsan Pants
Conqueror of Light Sinuous Amulet
Ballotwine Amourlet Ernal
Dimensional Walker Elia Ring
Lonely Heart St. Ballotwine's Day Hat
Legend of the Dungeons Legend of the Dungeon Boots
Otomai's Apprentice Apprentice Cloak
Tourist Hunter Vulkanno Set
Sauroshell Hunter Saurosheller Set
Legend Hunter Grozilla Set
Bookmark Librarian Amulet
Terror of Vulkania
Kwismas Nutcracker Wicked Protector
Grandiose Kwismas Nutcracker Wicked Roundel
Decadent Kwismas Nutcracker Wicked Shield
Pandawushuka Disciple Rokwa Headband
Fleastmaker Fleaster Amulet
Adopted Kin Metamunch Kin's Helmet
Otomai's Rummager Ogrine Seeker
Ice Soulja Thermal Cloak
Advent Adventurer Kwismas Treetop
Hispañic Knight Hispañic Shield
Bicentenary Hero Unique Hispañic Shield
Gossip Pants Mad Chatter
Wimpkin Wear a part of the Punkin' Set
Vampyre Wear a part of the Cursed Vampyre set
Friend of Kerub Unlock Achievement: Show Off
The Empra Unlock Achievement: My Little Empire
Excitable Obstretrician Unlock Achievement: And Push!
Giant With Feet of Dismay Unlock Achievement: Mission Impossible
Softy Unlock Achievement: The Right Attitude
Royal Relation Unlock Achievement: More Royalist Than the King
Soul Searcher Unlock Achievement: The End of Eternity
Hero of the Year Unlock Achievement: How to Wane Your Dragon
Disruptive Intruder Unlock Achievement: Disruptive Intruders
Quarrelsome Intruder Unlock Achievement: Quarrelsome Intruders
Aggressive Intruder Unlock Achievement: Aggressive Intruders
Violent Intruder Unlock Achievement: Violent Intruders
Brown-Noser Unlock Achievement: Brown-Noser
Super-Helper Unlock Achievement: You Can Call Me Super
Stopgap Unlock Achievement: Wondering Wanderers
Krosmonaut Unlock Achievement: Osmosis
Investigator Unlock Achievement: In Quest of Solutions
Truth Seeker Unlock Achievement: In Quest of Recognition
Marabout Unlock Achievement: In Quest of Identity
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