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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Amayiro
Other prerequisites Black Cat, White Cat (Bonta Quest #43)
Recommended level 114
Total rewards 75,000 XP, Alignment level 44
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel Bushwhacking... or not! (Bonta Quest #45)
Repeatable No

Topside Down is a quest.


In spite of the information you brought to the table, the council is still refusing to send troops to the Rocky Plains, saying that Bonta can't afford to have so many troops out on duty in case of an attack from Brakmar. It just doesn't make any sense - our spies have reported nothing out of the ordinary in Brakmar. I really don't wanna send you rushing to the lion's jaws, so I'm going to assign you to another mission.

Listen to the rest

Our convoy of Astrubian merchants was ambushed not so long ago. You must escort the next convoy and protect it if necessary. I also want you to gather information on these bandits. They could be the same ones as before.

Accept the mission

I want you to make preparations to leave. You can expect combat. The convoy is waiting for at the south gate, but I couldn't find any more militians to accompany you since I needed all the men I could find for missions around the town.
The public paddocks were opened during the night by some troublemakers and there are Dragoturkeys running amok all over the city. It really is a mess. Go see Cheeka the convoy leader real quick, and don't forget to report back to me as soon as the convoy arrives safely.

End dialogue

Step 1: Escort Cheeka[edit | edit source]

Your mission if you accept it is to escort a group of Cheeka merchants to Astrub.

Hello hello. Are you a trader? No? Supplier? Trafficker? No?
Hm, well, I don't think I have anything for you in that case. I organize convoys to Astrub.

Offer to escort the convoy.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to [-25,-45] talk to Cheeka.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to [-21,-42] Talk to Cheeka.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to [-19,-37] talk to Cheeka.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to[-14,-36] talk to Cheeka.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to[-9,-35] talk to Cheeka.
  • Find map Convoy stopped
Go to[-6,-31] talk to Cheeka.

Nothing to report? You were wrong to worry after all, then, weren't you. I told you so, didn't I.
What? Oh no... let's get the **** out of here!

Fight the bandits.
When you talk to Cheeka at [-6,-31] you will have to fight the 4 Plain Bandit (monster) and a Bandit Lieutenant. When you defeat them, you get Bandit Ecaflip's Emblem again.
After fighting the bandits talk to Cheeka. You receive Cheeka's Brooch.
  • Go see Amayiro

Step 2: Ecatraps[edit | edit source]

Amayiro wants to set an ambush for the bandits. But he needs a valuable jewe to attract them.
  • Go see Marge Gondersun
Next go talk to Marge Gondersun at [-34,-61]. You receive Amayiro's Jewel and Xelor's Letter.
  • Bring the jewel to Amayiro... or not...
Go back to Amayiro and deliver the letter he will give you 1000 kamas. He will give you some time to prepare, when your ready talk to him again.
Go to [-29,-46] and talk to Guard in disguise. You will be told to go to more coordinates. Go to [-21,-42] and talk to the Guard in disguise. Go to [-14,-36] and talk to the Guard in disguise. (monotonous isn't it?) Go to [-6,-31] talk to Guard in disguise. Go to [-5,-22] and talk to Guard in disguise [Ignore the coordinates the questbook gives you and move one square south of the zaap]. Report back to Amayiro.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • You receive 75,000 XP.
  • Your alignment level is now 44.
Alternatively, if you check the Xelor's Letter, you will see it has instructions to deliver the jewel to Ekysoy Kubnan, who is at the Woodenglass Inn.

Ah, I see our proposition interests you. The deal is simple: the jewel for 10,000 kamas. And your life.
I will give you a fake jewel that you can then give to your idiot chief. So?

Accept the offer
Decline the offer
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