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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Minotot (NPC) at [-42,-17] inside Minotoror's Labyrinth
Level required120
Other prerequisitesTaurs and Detours
Recommended level130
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (Max: 4,539,366), 46,752 Kamas and 1 Golden Parchment
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelWhip While the Cream's Hot, Infiniwing Regrets, Tot's Ring, How to Get Plucked, Wayward Soul
Leads to DofusCrimson Dofus quest 3 of 8
Crimson Dofus

Totankama's Treasure is a quest.


Talk to Minotot at [-42,-17] inside Minotoror's Labyrinth.

Step 1: Edit

You've made a deal with the Minotot, the true guardian of the Crimson Dofus he'll give you the Dofus in exchange for Totankama's Mask. To find this legendary item, you'll have to follow the clues engraved on an old stone tablet... and protect yourself from the curse that brings suffering to anyone who attempts to plunder the treasures of the past.
Recap your meeting with the Minotot.

So, the real master of the maze is the Minotot? This opponent is much cleverer than the Minotoror...Has he sent you in search of Totankama's Treasure? You're going to have to protect yourself from the curse that its all those who try to steal it.

Listen to the rest.

Luckily for you, I'm no novice when it comes to protection rituals...I need three items to conjure up an effective spell. A Golden Milk Pearl, some Infiniwing Powder and a Tot's Ring.

Find out more about these objects.

Infiniwings can be found on Minotoror Island, and Golden Milk is a remedy used by the Taurs. Go back to the Sanctuary of a Hundred Detours to find a way to get what I need. Getting the Tot's Ring, however, is going to prove a little trickier. This type of enchanted jewellery is no longer crafted these days. I know an expert in Astrub. He keeps a magical items shop. You've no doubt heard of him...Kerub Crepin. Go and see him for me.

Leave on a quest for the items Meriana asked for.

Finish the quest Whip While the Cream's Hot.
Finish the quest Infiniwing Regrets.
Finish the quest Tot's Ring.
Once you have the first three items take them to Meriana.
  • Protect yourself against Totankama's curse
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
She wants you to bury the newly combined items outside the house. Click on the stone outside.
Unless you buy the tablet, buy the fragments, or get them from treasure chests, you will need to finish the quest How to Get Plucked. Which will give you access to the NPC Ener Brelloq who sells the fragments for Rose of the Sands.
  • Study Totankama's tablet to launch the treasure hunt
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Click on the Drafting Table at [-25,-36] to begin the treasure hunt. You will lose the tablet. (You will get the tablet back if you lose the boss fight).

Nova mummy drops a chest containing Totankama's cursed mask

  • Find the map: Crimson Dofus Room
  • Take the Crimson Dofus
A guttural laugh rips through the silence... As soon as you touch the Dofus, you're transported to another place. You have the feeling your soul has been ripped from your body.


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