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Training Dopples are a special kind of monster. There is one for each class and they can be found in their respective Class Temple.

List of Training Dopples[]

Fighting a Training Dopple[]

  • Talk to a Dopple Trainer in a Class Temple and ask to fight the Dopple.
  • After you defeat a Training Dopple, you have to wait until 06:00 DUT to fight it again.
  • Training Dopples increase in difficulty every 20 levels (See Table Below), and the level of the Dopple you fight is always as close as possible to your own level. Keep this in mind when planning your training schedule.
Your Level Dopple Level
1~29 20
30~49 40
50~69 60
70~89 80
90~109 100
110~129 120
130~149 140
150~169 160
170~189 180
190~200 200

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