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Are you looking for someone to get beaten to a pulp on your behalf? Then Trank's the sidekick you need: he may be calm by nature, but he'll just plant his roots in the soil and wait for the attacks to roll in, you've obviously never seen him in acrobat mode on the battlefield. Your enemies won't know what hit 'em!
Trank has more Vitality than other Sidekicks and is played similarly to a Sacrier. His spells allow him to take damage for allies, attract enemies, switch positions and teleport himself. His own damage is, however, quite weak.

Trank is a Sidekick.



Level Prim. Stats Sec. Stats Damage Resistances
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Range AP Reduction MP Reduction Lock Dodge Damage Power Pushback Resistance Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Parry MP Parry Pushback Resistance
200 3,650 11 6 0 0 0 75 30 80 1200 0 10 10 10 10 20 60 80 80


Icon Name Element Short description
Treechnid Blood Treechnid Blood N/A Automatically cast at the end of the turn. Buffs percentual resistances to nearby allies.
SylvanAttrct Sylvan Attraction N/A Attracts enemies in a line, buffs bonus resistances to Trank and makes him unmovable.
Protective Bark Protective Bark N/A Trank will take damage for the target. For every damage he takes, the target is healed.
Spin Spin Earth
Teleports Trank to the targeted cell and damages all enemies around him.
Log Rythm Log Rythm Earth
Steals some HP in a small AoE at low range.
Marbus Fractus Marbus Fractus Earth
Deals Earth-type damage and lowers the target's dodge and power.
Uproot Uproot Earth
Switches position with the targeted character. Enemies will take damage in addition.


  • Use Uproot to bring your enemies close to each other, so Log Rythm and Spin can damage several targets at the same time.
  • Sylvan Attraction won't attract your allies. This can sometimes offer you an interesting usage.
    • For example you can attract an enemy standing behind an ally towards this ally and not both of them to you.
    • You can also attract enemies away from allies, even if they are within the range.
  • Sometimes it can be interesting to use Sylvan Attraction just to get the "Unmovable" state and the bonus resistances even if you attract no one.
  • If you have cast Protective Bark on an ally, you can transfer your life to him by attacking this ally. You will receive the damage instead and the protected target will have a percentage of its HP restored.
  • Make sure to end your turn within 1-2 cells of your allies. This will grant them free resistances due to Treechnid Blood.
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