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In Dofus, there are a number of transportation systems for players to travel across the world more quickly and easily. Some require kamas, completing certain quests or dungeons to be able to use it.

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Cannon to Moon Island IconCannon to Moon Island Drill IconDrill Eliotrope Portal IconEliotrope Portal
Foggernaut Submarine IconFoggernaut Submarine Frigostian Carrier IconFrigostian Carrier Imp Carrier IconImp Carrier
Ouginak Boat IconOuginak Boat Quay IconQuay Railway System IconRailway System
Rogues' secret passage IconRogues' secret passage Sand Yacht IconSand Yacht Scarplane IconScarplane
Stagecoach IconStagecoach Teleportation Potion IconTeleportation Potion Transportation to Astrub IconTransportation to Astrub
Zaap IconZaap Zaapi IconZaapi

Alliance PrismEdit

Alliance Prism Transport Alliance Prism Icon
You can use Alliance Prisms to transport to other Alliance Prisms and Zaaps for a small fee based on the distance, a Prism must have a Teleportation Module installed on it to be used.


Boat Boat Icon
Boats act as ferries ran by NPCs for players to reach certain islands for a fee. They travel between two set points.

See Boat for a list.


Cannon Cannon Icon
Cannons can be found near Conquest Villages, it will transport a character inside the village for free during a KotH.

See Cannon for a list.

Cannon to Moon IslandEdit

Cannon to Moon Island Cannon to Moon Island Icon
Cannon to Moon Island can be found at [11,10], it can transport a character to Moon Island if it is wearing a Helmet, Wooden Wings and bought a Moon Island Ticket.


Drill Drill Icon
Only usable by the members of an Alliance that controls Abandoned Labowatowies. It can transport you through various Mines.

See Drill for a list.

Eliotrope PortalEdit

Eliotrope Portal Eliotrope Portal Icon
Eliotrope Portal can be found at [4,0] in Amakna Village and [14,26] in Sufokia, it can transport you to Eliotrope Temple. The receiving portal at Eliotrope Temple can be used to travel back to Amakna or Sufokia.

Foggernaut SubmarineEdit

Foggernaut Submarine Foggernaut Submarine Icon
Foggernaut Submarine can be found at [9,1] in Kawaii River, [22,19] in Sufokia and [26,-22] in Foggernaut Temple, the one in Amakna and Sufokia can transport you to Foggernaut Temple, while the one at Foggernaut Temple can be used to travel back to Amakna or Sufokia.

Frigostian CarrierEdit

Frigostian Carrier Frigostian Carrier Icon
Similar to the Imp Carrier, Frigostian Carriers can carry adventurers over the Frigost Island by using specially converted airships. To unlock a new area's Frigostian Carrier, you must beat the lower area's Dungeon.

See Frigostian Carrier for a list.

Imp CarrierEdit

Imp Carrier Imp Carrier Icon
Only usable by the members of an Alliance that controls Imp Village. They can carry players on airships to places often out of reach from Zaaps for free.

See Imp Carrier for a list.

Ouginak BoatEdit

Ouginak Boat Ouginak Boat Icon
Ouginak Boat can be found at [12,3] in Asse Coast and [7,-66] in The Pack's Coast, the one in Amakna can transport you to Ouginak Temple, while the one at Ouginak Temple can be used to travel back to Amakna.


Quay Quay Icon
Only available in Sufokia. The Quay is similar to a Zaapi, it is found in Sufokia and can transport a character throughout Sufokia for a small fee.

See Quay for a list.

Railway SystemEdit

Railway System Railway System Icon
Railway System (also called Miner Transport) is an underground railway that travels to random Mines around the world - for a small fee and killing 2 Dark Miners.

See Railway System for a list.

Rogues' secret passageEdit

Rogues' secret passage Rogues' secret passage Icon
The Rogues' secret passage can be found underground at [3,3] in Amakna Village, below the Rogue Class Statue at [2,-22] in Astrub City and at [10,16] in Cemetery under The Temple of Rogue. Speaking to NPC Bad Aboum will allow your character to transport to either of the other locations.

Sand YachtEdit

Sand Yacht Sand Yacht Icon
Only available in Ohwymi. Sand Yacht can transport a character between three destinations: Sarakech Port, Castuc Territory and Gorge of Howling Winds, you must complete the quest Rad, Bad, and Totally Mad to be able to use this transportation.

See Sand Yacht for a list.


Scarplane Scarplane Icon
Only available in Otomai Island. NPCs use tamed Scaraleafs to carry players across the island - however players must help out each NPC by completing their Quest first before they get to use this free transport.

See Scarplane for a list.


Stagecoach Stagecoach Icon
Stagecoach can transport a character to three destinations: Cania Bay, Heroes' Cemetery and Fungus Domain, you must complete the quest Shushu Shack to be able to use this transportation.

See Stagecoach for a list.

Teleportation PotionEdit

Teleportation Potion Teleportation Potion Icon
There are many Teleportation Potions that can teleport a character to various buildings and areas.

See Teleportation Potion for a list.

Transportation to AstrubEdit

Transportation to Astrub Transportation to Astrub Icon
Transportation to Astrub can be found at [4,-3] in Incarnam, it can transport a character to Astrub. To get back to Incarnam, a character needs to use any Class Statue.


Zaap Zaap Icon
The most common type method of travel across huge areas of the world. Zaaps are gates that allow instant travel to other Zaaps and Alliance Prisms for a small fee based on the distance.

See Zaap for a list.


Zaapi Bonta Zaapi Brakmar Zaapi Icon
Only available in Bonta and Brakmar. They function as a mini-zaap mass transit metro system for the city, taking players to important places in the city very quickly for a small fee.

See Zaapi for a list.

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