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A trap is a hidden mechanism designed to detonate on contact with a target. Traps are only available to the Sram class of character and some monsters, and are an important part of most Sram builds. Some traps may do damage, poison, reduce (a) movement point(s) for a turn, have an area effect, etc. Traps can be used to make a "turret" - trapping the terrain around a Cra, Xelor or "tank" . Traps are used to both guard areas and to save damage potential when the Sram cannot attack.

Many Srams use a combination attack, setting traps and eventually pushing foes into the trap with Tricky Blow. Good trap usage depends mostly on the player and their knowledge of AI/strategy.

When placing traps that have a cooldown (such as Poisoned Trap), failed placements due to "invisible obstacles" do not cause AP loss.

Sram Trap spells[]

  • Tricky Trap - basic trap that all Srams receive on lvl 1. Is very useful for Intelligence Srams and can even be useful for non-Intelligence Srams.
  • Mass Trap - Only useful for Strength Srams. It has an area of effect of two cells, whenever triggered by movement into its area it does damage to everything in that area. It has a cost of 5AP, raising to 6 reduces AP cost to 4.
  • Poisoned Trap - Useful against enemies that have linear damage reduction, or under affect of Punishments, as the damage taken will not be reduced/give punishment points.
  • Trap of Silence - Does damage depending on the amount of AP the enemy used. Most useful with Srams that have significant Agility.
  • Paralyzing Trap - Drains MP, but has a large cooldown. Most useful with Srams that have significant Wisdom. Area increases in size at higher spell levels, MP drain also lasts for longer when level 5.
  • Repelling Trap - pushes back anything on the outside two squares when the trap is activated.
  • Lethal Trap - The most damaging Sram trap, with a size of 1 square.

Monster Trap spells[]