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Tree Protector
Tree Protector is a monster.

Each type of wood has it's own Tree Protector. (See List of Tree Protectors)



Level Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Parry MP Parry Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
10 66 6 2 10 10 10 10 10 -
20 74 6 2 20 20 20 20 20 -
30 82 6 2 30 30 30 30 30 -
40 90 6 2 40 40 40 40 40 -
50 98 6 2 50 50 50 50 50 -



List of Tree ProtectorsEdit

Image Name Bag of resources Rare Drop (Sap)
Bewitched Ash Bewitched Ash Sack of Ash Wood Ash Sap
Bewitched Chestnut Bewitched Chestnut Sack of Chestnut Wood Chestnut Sap
Bewitched Walnut Bewitched Walnut Sack of Walnut Wood Walnut Sap
Bewitched Oak Bewitched Oak Sack of Oak Wood Oak Sap
Bewitched Bombu Bewitched Bombu Sack of Bombu Wood Bombu Sap
Bewitched Maple Bewitched Maple Sack of Maple Wood Maple Sap
Bewitched Oliviolet Bewitched Oliviolet Sack of Oliviolet Wood Oliviolet Sap
Bewitched Yew Bewitched Yew Sack of Yew Wood Yew Sap
Bewitched Bamboo Bewitched Bamboo Sack of Bamboo Wood Bamboo Sap
Bewitched Cherry Bewitched Cherry Sack of Cherry Wood Cherry Sap
Bewitched Hazel Bewitched Hazel Sack of Hazel Wood Hazel Sap
Bewitched Ebony Bewitched Ebony Sack of Ebony Wood Ebony Sap
Bewitched Kaliptus Bewitched Kaliptus Sack of Kaliptus Wood Kaliptus Sap
Bewitched Hornbeam Bewitched Hornbeam Sack of Hornbeam Wood Hornbeam Sap
Bewitched Dark Bamboo Bewitched Dark Bamboo Sack of Dark Bamboo Wood Dark Bamboo Sap
Bewitched Elm Bewitched Elm Sack of Elm Wood Elm Sap
Bewitched Holy Bamboo Bewitched Holy Bamboo Sack of Holy Bamboo Wood Holy Bamboo Sap
Bewitched Aspen Bewitched Aspen Sack of Aspen Wood Aspen Sap
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