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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro at [-33,-56]
Level required58
Other prerequisitesThe Skeleton Elite (Bonta Quest #17)
Recommended level50
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Alignment level 18
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Trool Burger (600 Kamas)
SequelThe Tabi of Amayiro (Bonta Quest #19)

Trool Fair Suspected is a quest.


Talk to Amayiro at [-33,-56] in Bonta.


A man is holding a fair in the plains. I'd like you to check the place out and make sure it's not a new stratagem of our enemies to hide a camp near Bonta.
Talk to Ture Inge, he makes infallible tests to detect Brakmarians.


Step 1: Investigating the FairEdit

You must go and ask Ture Inge, in the militia, for a form, and then question the chief of the Trool Fair to see whether he is Brakmarian or not.

Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
He's located inside the militia on the second floor.

Hi, my name is Ture Inge, the famed specialist in spying and psychology. I know you want something from me.

Ask for form N°243.

Hem, form 243...You must have terrible doubts about someone if you need this test.

You receive 1 Inspection Form.


My dream is nearly complete - my fair is a success.
But my head is still full of plans for new attractions. I won't be happy until everything's done!

Make him fill in the form.
Find out more about this strange character.

You've a funny way of encouraging dreamers!
Don't you understand the happiness my fair brings? Or maybe you're just jealous... Anyway, here is your filled-out form.

You lose 1 Inspection Form.
You receive 1 Filled Inspection Form.

  • Take the form back to Amayiro [-33,-56]
Hand over the completed form.

Hmm, thanks. I'll take this to Ture Inge so he can carry out an in-depth analysis.
Where is the souvenir for my nephew? Don't tell me you've forgotten... I'm disappointed in you, and if you think I'm going to send someone else in your place, you're mistaken. Quick march, off you trot.

You lose 1 Filled Inspection Form.

Ask for advice on finding a suitable souvenir for Amayiro's nephew.

I'm no seer but you're in luck, the greatest clairvoyant the World of Twelve has ever known works right in this fair. Go and see Yova Etna, she'll be able to answer many of your existential questions.


(yourname), I was waiting for you. I already know the question you want to ask me, you're so predictable...

I also know that you were about to forget to give me the 100 kamas you must pay to ask me a question, so I think I'll remind you of it right now.

Ask for information.

I can tell you if it will rain in 10 seconds or what time it will be tomorrow in exactly 24 hours, but I doubt you've come for that, have you.
What is it that you want to know?

The colour of Allister's white Dragoturkey.
Which souvenir would Amayiro's nephew like.

Dike Tarak follows a strict regime. He adores greasy meals, full of calories and high in saturated fat. A Trool Burger is sure to do him good.
Maxims sells them here, at the Trool Fair.

Ask where to find Maxims at the Trool Fair.
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
Maxims is located at [-10,-38]. Purchase a burger for 600 kamas and return to Amayiro.

Hand over the Trool Burger.

No, no, no, stop right there! You mustn't give my nephew just anything to eat. You know, that stuff is very bad for the health. I don't want to take any risks with my nephew, so I'm going to make the ultimate sacrifice by eating this succulent burger. Mmmmm, dee-licious... You may leave.

You lose 1 Trool Burger.


  • Level-Based XP
  • Alignment level 18
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