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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Location Icefields
Coords [-84,-49]
Options Talk

Truffo is an NPC.



Hello! Where you're standing is the hottest spot on the island, apart from the volcano, of course. We use the greenhouses to cultivate new plants that would otherwise die off in the island's freezing temperatures, and we stock them so that we can replant them when the ice age is over.
Unfortunately, some hungry Mastogobs have taken up residence in the greenhouse. They came in search of food, and became quite aggressive due to the heat. They began to attack the staff and devour the plants, and even to graze my wife's lawn! She was the greenhouse manager.
In exchange for the key to the greenhouse, I can let you in to give the Royal Mastogob a good kicking. You have to be careful, though, as it's become quite accustomed to its cosy new life and seems to reach quite aggressively when moved.

Hand over the key.
Use the Bunch of Keys.
Teleport group members.




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