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NPC Details
Area Ecaflipus
Location Hairy Moor
Coords [0,1]
Options Talk

Two-Whiska is an NPC.



Mazic really got me! As soon as I get back to my normal appearance, I'm marching straight to the Temple of Scriptures to complaint to Antyklime Ax, and if that doesn't do the trick, I'll speak to Xelor himself!

Ask him what put him in this state.

Before I was saddled with such a ridiculous name and appearance, I was called Two-Face, and I worked for Xelor. I kept the temple doors closed in times of peace, and open in times of war, and each year, I'd pray the same prayer to Xelor. But Mazic, the Meridia of Birth who we celebrate the first of Javian, played me and imprisoned me in the dimension. Thankfully, I know that time is on my side, so I'll wait out my burden patiently.


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