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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Hairod'og at [20,-29]
Level required Unknown
Other prerequisites Pandala Awakens
Recommended level 100
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 11,980 Kamas.
Items required
(not provided by quest)
50000 Kamas, 20 Bamboo Wood, 10 Wind Pandawushu Artefact, 10 Wood Pandawushu Artefact, 10 Water Pandawushu Artefact, 10 Fire Pandawushu Artefact, 10 Rock Pandawushu Artefact, 1 Pandaburg, 1 Pandazahi or Pandaporo
Sequel Caught in a Thicket of Wrath
Repeatable No
Leads to Dofus Domakuro quest 2 of 8

Under the Northern Lights is a quest.


Speak to Hairod'og in the Pandazaap Inn at [20,-29] in Pandala Village

Step 1: Under the Northern Lights[]

  • Click the Jar of white liquid on top of the bar. You will be transported to another location: Ether.
  • Meet the shaman of Pandala Village
  • Inside the house at [20,-27], talk to Surivitna.
  • Enter the Bamboo Palace
  • Inside the building at [22,-29].
  • Ask for an audience with the Daimya
  • Talk to Pandarin Sudopong.
  • Silence the Yokai in the Library
Upstairs in the Library at [21,-27], talk to Noisy Yokai.
You will enter a fight against 
  • 2 Noisy Yokai
  • 2 Loud Yokai
  • 1 Laughing Yokai
You will receive a unique spell called Yokaikip which permanently removes 1 MP from the Yokai it is used on.
  • The goal of the fight is to cast Yokaikip on all 5 Yokai in the same turn.
It is recommended to reset your characteristics into agility to more easily dodge the Yokai. Dodge trophies, plus an Emerald and Dokoko Dofus make this fight pretty easy, albeit long.
Also make sure you have any spells that allow you to push or attract enemies activated.
  • Using Yokaikip on Loud Yokai will remove 2 MP from you.
  • Using Yokaikip on Noisy Yokai will remove 2 AP from you.
  • Using Yokaikip on Laughing Yokai will put you in the Heavy state.
The Yokai don't deal much damage, but the Laughing Yokai will jump away when it hits you, the Loud Yokai will push you, and the Noisy Yokai will swap with you. The Yokai cannot hit you if you are directly next to them.
Start by getting each Yokai down to 0 MP by using Yokaikip on as many mobs as possible each turn. Then position them close to each other for the kill.
If you can't move them all together then you may have to hit the Loud Yokai last (to keep your MP)
  • Get a recommendation from the librarian
You will receive 1 Recommendation from Dick Kerboo Brandtawa
  • Calm the Appetites of the Yokai devouring the provisions in the marketplace
He will sell you 100 Kerburg and 100 Wild Sunflower Chips for 50000 Kamas.
Note: If you have completed That Be Frugal, One Time he will instead give you a free Filtounga.
  • Go back to Ghao Zuo at [21,-29] and talk to him; you'll place down your food and wait for the Yokais.
  • Talk to Voracious Yokai and watch him eat the food.
  • Get a recommendation from the cellarer
  • Talk to Ghao Zuo again for your step to complete.
You will receive 1 Recommendation from Ghao Zuo
  • Foil the Pandissident's plans
Go down the stairs at [20,-30].
  • Talk to the Yokai in the corner, offer it a Kama, then promise that the Banker will give it a Kama every day for a Century.
Speaking to any of the Pandas and picking any option other than "Run away" results in instant death.
  • After the Yokai leaves, attack the Pandas.
You will enter a fight with three level 100 Panda enemies.
  • Get a recommendation from the banker
  • Talk to Yendong in the bank at [20,-30].
You will receive 1 Recommendation from Yendong
  • Show Pandarin Sudopong the recommendations
  • Go back to [22,-29] and speak to Pandarin Sudopong in the Bamboo Palace.
You will lose 1 Recommendation from Dick Kerboo Brandtawa
You will lose 1 Recommendation from Ghao Zuo
You will lose 1 Recommendation from Yendong
  • Speak with the Samurai in the top left of the room.
  • When talking to the Daimya, pick the option to "Bow before" her, then complete the dialogue.
In the Dojo at [20,-31]
You must be a Level 10 Artificer for this as you can't cooperatively craft it.

Panduckler Recipe:

Note: You can craft it only at Pandala Artificer (23,-28).
  • Talk to Master Kwatimbe at [20,-31].
  • You will enter a fight against him, he has 2000 health and is invulnerable.
  • To remove invulnerability, you must make him dodge you and lose MP/AP.
  • Throughout the fight he places glyphs, if you stand on said glyph and hit him, it will remove 10 dodge infinitely.
  • The goal is to remove dodge to the point where he loses AP/MP from moving away from you, and then you can kill him. (He has ~180 dodge)
Note: If Kwatimbe gets to much -dodge you going to be stuck, advise only -150 dodge.
Note: Kwatimbe will regain invulnerability and dodge 2 turns after losing it, at which point you will have to repeat the previous steps again.
  • Join the Daimya in Pandassembly Hall
Inside at [22.-29]. After speaking to the Samurai inside, go left 1 map to find her. Must be wearing the Panduckler.
Stand in the middle of the carpet in front of the platform to the left of the room, and he will spawn.
Stand here.png
  • Drink a tankard of Pandazahi or Pandaporo and let Grandapan guide you
These can be bought in the Inns in Pandala Village.
  • Do not actually drink the beer, take it back to Grandapan and talk with him.
You will be transported to Ether again, talk to Grandapan
  • Talk to the dragons Imagiro and Orukam
  • Speak to Imagiro and then Orukam.
You will be transported back to Pandassembly Hall.


  • Level-Based XP (538,077 at Lv. 108, 1,023,750 at Lv. 200)
  • 11,980 Kamas

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