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Characters on SumensEdit

Lirielle Oshi-Mine ---Legendil--- ---Alana--- Passe-Temps
Lirielle Oshi-Mine 150px 150px 150px
120 63 54 38 51
Alchemist  Alchemist 100 Miner  Miner 100 Lumberjack  Lumberjack 100 Shoemaker Shoemaker 100 Hammer Smith Hammer Sm. 65
Shoemagus   100 Hammer Smithmagus   100
Farmer  Farmer 100 Jeweller  Jeweller 100 Wand Carver  Wand Carver 100 Sword Smith  Sword Smith 75 Handyman  Handyman 40
Jewelmagus   100 Wand Carvmagus   100 Sword Smithmagus   100
Baker  Baker 100 Shovel Smith  Shovel Smith 100 Staff Carver  Staff Carver 100 Dagger Smith  Dagger Sm. 100 Bow Carver  Bow Carver 65
Shovel Smithmagus   100 Staff Carvmagus   100 Dagger Smithmagus   100 Bow Carvmagus  
Satedi Antidouleur Nightwishes Mamma-mia Arc-detriomphe
Satedi Antidouleur Mammamia
64 64 44 26 22
Hunter  Hunter 47 Fisherman  Fisherman 32 Artificer  Artificer 13
Butcher  Butcher 37 Fishmonger  Fishmonger 56
Axe Smith  Axe Smith 51 Tailor  Tailor 20

Profession summaryEdit

Jobs Maging
Lvl 100 11/22 8/11
65-99 3
30-64 6
1-29 2
Total 22/22 8/11


Pending issues (for own usage)Edit

What template for such things as

- fairy-works
- pet eggs
- Full Soul Stone
- Moon Island Ticket
- pets (eg. Nomoon)
- skill spells

Dynamic equipment list (for own usage)Edit

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Dynamic weapon list (for own usage)Edit

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Bonta TreesEdit

62    4Chestnut transp3Oak tree transpEbony transp        
61    Ash transp2Chestnut transp2Maple transp
5Cherry transpChEbony transp
2Ash transpYew transp2Ch   2Ebony transp   
60    2Walnut transp2Maple transp4Yew transp        
59    2Maple transp2Yew transp2Oak tree transp2Maple transp       
58  B 2Oak tree transpYew transp2Walnut transp2Maple transp       
57  O 2Maple transp2Cherry transp2Walnut transp3Maple transp      7Walnut transp2Cherry transpYew transp
56  N  Walnut transp2Chestnut transp3Maple transpCh   3Maple transpYew transp4Oak tree transp4Maple transp3Chestnut transp4Walnut transp2Oak tree transpCherry transp5Chestnut transp5Maple transpEbony transp
55  T 5Ash transp3Chestnut transpChMaple transp3Yew transp3Chestnut transp3Maple transp 5Ash transp4Chestnut transpWalnut transp3Chestnut transp4Walnut transpMaple transpCherry transp2Chestnut transp3Maple transpYew transpCh6Maple transpYew transp2Ebony transp7Chestnut transpYew transp
54  A 2Chestnut transp3Maple transpYew transp2Ash transp4Chestnut transpWalnut transp3Ash transp3Chestnut transp4Oak tree transp Chestnut transpWalnut transp4Maple transpYew transp2Chestnut transp2Oak tree transp2Maple transp2Chestnut transpWalnut transp2Oak tree transp
Maple transp2Yew transp
2Chestnut transp6Walnut transpMaple transpYew transpEbony transp6Ash transp3Maple transp
53    Oak tree transpMaple transp2Yew transp2Cherry transp2Oak tree transp2Maple transp2Yew transpAsh transpChestnut transpOak tree transp
2Maple transpYew transp
  5Walnut transpYew transpCH3Ash transp5Walnut transp5Chestnut transp3Oak tree transp 
52    Chestnut transp2Walnut transpOak tree transpMaple transp 3Chestnut transp3Walnut transp
3Maple transpYew transp
   7Ash transp5Chestnut transpEbony transp  
51    Maple transp3Cherry transp2Ash transpChestnut transp2Walnut transpOak tree transp       
50    5Oak tree transpMaple transpEbony transp        
49 4Ash transp2Chestnut transp6Ash transp6Ash transp Walnut transpMaple transp       
48   2Walnut transp2Yew transpCherry transp3Oak tree transpMaple transpChestnut transp2Walnut transpOak tree transp       
47   Chestnut transpWalnut transp2Walnut transpWalnut transpOak tree transp       

Misc info for future useEdit

Getting 8 AP Edit

(copied from Iop/Agility)
Dragolyre, +1 AP, -35 agi
The Celestial Brooch, +1 AP, +2 dmg, +5 crit, -20 wis
Modified Dragolyre, +1 AP, -15 agi
Kam Assutra Amulet, +1 AP
The Treemu, +1 AP, +11-20 wis, +3-5 dmg, -21-90 agi
Xelor Amulet, +1 AP, +2 crit, +3 dmg, -30 int, requires int > 120
The Stars Custard Tart, +1 AP, +16-25 life, +16-25 wis
Skill of Dolls, +1 AP, x-45 vit, x-5 phys red
Dazzling Belt, +1 AP, +1-30 life, +1-30 wis, +1-3 dmg
[edit:] However Dazzling Belts do not exist on Rushu, but this one does
Powerful Dazzling Belt, +1 AP, +31-40 Wisdom, +31-40 life, +4-5 damages
Treecloak, +1 AP, +1-30 vit, -11-210 agi
Dazzling Cloak, +1 AP, +1-20 wis, +1-30 life, +1-3 dmg
Treecaska, +1 AP, x-35 vit, -1 MP
Chafer Helmet, +1 AP, -21-70 agi
Caracap, +1 AP, x-60 vit
Treering, +1 AP, -75 agi
Ring of Satisfaction, +1 AP, -150 agi
Satisfied Summoner's Ring, +1 AP, -200 agi
Gelano, +1 AP
Treechnid Root Bow, +1 AP, +15 wis, -66 vit
Ni'Ninnin Wand, +1 AP, +11-20 wis, +21-40 life
God Rod, +1 AP, +25 wis, +40 life, +1 crit, -40 agi

AP Equipment Edit

Most mid- and high-level Cra want at least 8AP for best damage output. With 7AP, a Cra can use both Punitive Arrow and Homing Arrow each turn. With 8AP, a Cra can use Magic Arrow or Destructive Arrow twice each turn, (as punitive can only be cast once per turn on the same target) significantly improving damage output. A level 90 Intelligence Cra can use Explosive Arrow twice each turn as well.

Typical sources of AP include:

Source Level AP bonus type Notes
treering 5 +1AP ring -75 agil/chance -100 intel/str -1 Range
Gobball Set 20 +1AP set
Treechnid Root Bow 28 +1AP Bow -66 Vitality
The Celestial Brooch 40 +1AP amulet +5 crit hits +2 dmg - 20 strenght & wisdom
Kwak Set 42 +1 AP set +1MP
Kam Assutra Amulet 43 +1AP amulet No other effects
Treechnid Set 45 +2AP set -1MP, other bonuses (notably strength)
Treechelmet 45 +1AP hat -1MP
Caracap 60 +1AP hat +vital
Gelano 60 +1AP ring No other effects
Aerdala Amulet 62 +1AP amulet Other bonuses
Stars Custard Tart 62 +1AP amulet Other bonuses
God Rod 67 +1AP staff -40 Agility, other bonuses
Smoothitch O'Ball 77 +1AP amulet Other bonuses
Farle's Ears 80 +1AP amulet Other bonuses
Terrdala Amulet 80 +1AP amulet Other bonuses
Feudala Amulet 91 +1AP amulet Other bonuses

Many Cra will mix and match items or blend sets.

Getting damage, life, wisdom Edit

(copied from Iop/Agility)
Wabbit Set amulet, x-30 agi, x-30 vit, x-5% dmg
Crackler Amulet, +16-25 agi, +16-25 life, +2-6 magic red
Plain Crackler Amulet, x-25 agi, x-25 vit, x-8 phys red
Turquoise Amulet, x-25 agi, x-30 vit
Modified Amulet Itbe : +20 agi
Wind Kwakamulet, +16-20 agi, +2 crit, set bonus
Celerity Belt, x-35 agi, -x-15 wis
Yellow Turtle Belt, x-35 agi, x-30 vit
The Xerbo, x-35 agi, x-20 wis, x-5% dmg
The Vegete Hative, x-30 agi
Ouginiakal Belt, x-25 agi, x-15% dmg
Banisation Belt, x-20 agi, x-5 crit
Wild Banisation Belt, x-20 agi, x-5 crit
Winged Boots, x-40 agi, -range
Eni Kere Miracle Boots, x-30 agi
Croboots, x-30 agi, x-15% dmg, x-5 crit
Klime's Ultra-Powerful Boots, +25 agi, +25 life
Klime's Powerful Boots, +25 agi, +25 life
Iop's Crushers, +25 agi
Skill Boots, +16-25 agi
Anticipation Boots, +16-25 agi
Mad Tofu Cloak, +1-100 agi, +1 MP
Maimpa Cloak, x-30 agi, x-20 vit
Ellinie Cloak, +11-20 agi
Toady, x-50 agi, set bonus
Eachure Hat, +11-60 agi +11-60 life
Vegadgear, x-40 agi, x-50 life
White Scara Helmet, +1-30 agi, +1-30 vit, +1-15 wis, set bonus
Bow Meow, +80 agi
Air Bwak, +80 agi, set bonus
Young Vald's ring, x-25 agi, x-25 vit, x-15 wis, x-3 crit
Dark Treering, +11-20 agi, +11-20 wis, +11-20 life
Wind Kwakring, +16-20 agi, +5-10% dmg, set bonus
White Scararing, +1-20 agi, +1-10% dmg, +1-4 crit, set bonus
Hypnotic Deceitful Daggers, +60 agi, +15 wis, +4 crit
Beautiful Deceitful Daggers, +52 agi, +12 wis, +4 crit
I Kea Bow, New Model, +21-50 agi, -3-19 wis
Powerful Tabi staff, +45 agi, +10 life
I Kea Bow, Special Model, +21-45 agi, -3-17 wis
Deceitful Daggers, +44 agi, +10 wis, +3 crit
I Kea Bow, Standard Model, +21-42 agi, -2-16 wis
Bashers, +40 agi
Great Tabi staff, +40 agi, +15 life
Powerful Stek Knife, +40 agi, +22 life
Sky Wand, +40 agi, +30 life
Raziel, +30 str +40 agi, +40 life, -10 wis
Blessdags, +31-40 agi, +31-40 life, +2-6 crit
I Kea Bow, Sale Model, +21-40 agi, -1-15 wis
Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers, +21-40 agi, +21-40 vit, +4-5 damage, -1 MP
Cruel Trovel, +11-40 agi, +1-2 damage, +1 MP
Carnivorous Staff, x-30 agi, set bonus
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