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Hunter Guide.

Level 0-10

Tofu! best place: tofu pit in the tofu dungeon. Fast kills good meat.

Level 11-20

Tofus, you can gather gobbly meat, but its a slow drop compared to the tofu pit.

Level 21-30

This part is up to you, either stick with tofus or start doing gobruns with the hunter weapon equipped.

Level 31-40

This is probably the last part you should do with tofu, if you're still using it. Start moving onto gob meat or wabbit meat.

Level 41-50

Dragomeat is great if you are a class who can kill it easily (or borrow a friend). If you are not this is the start of a long grind, wabbit meat is probably best, but gob meat still works effectively.

Level 51-60

Dragomeat is still really good if you can kill it. Otherwise you're stuck with gob meat.

Level 61-70

Kani meat is preferable, but it is not entirely preferable to do kanis for what seems like ever. Wabbit meat works quite well here, dragomeat is obviously better, but again it depends on your character class.

Level 71-80

On the home stretch. Wabbit meat if you can't kill dragos or get a kani group, otherwise kani meat.

Level 80-100

This is it, the finish line is in sight. If you can kill crocodyles, kill them. Lots of them. =3 Wabbit meat is a little bit low, but if you can't kill anything else, this will do.


I figured the obvious should be stated. If you save all of your preserved meat, you can jump butcher to 100 very easily. I'm still not sure why they're different professions when one relies on the other so heavily, but thats nothing to do with me ^^

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