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NPC Details
Area Cania Plains
Location The Crow's Domain
Coords (-20,-62)
Details See Locations
Options Talk

Virgil is an NPC.


At dungeon entrance

Are you sure you want to enter this labyrinthine library? Do you have an invitation from Lord Crow or the key to his library? I hope he'll agree to see you. He doesn't like to be disturbed when he's reading.

  • Give the key and enter
Inside dungeon

Ah! You look lost again! How can I help you?

  • Ask for details about this place
You are in an incredible labyrinthine library and you may never get out of here alive.
This library counts 16 small rooms. The latter form a big square-shaped library. If you want to change rooms you must defeat the appropriate group of creatures. Each group will take you to a new room. There are two different groups of creatures. When you defeat a group of creatures (whichever one), they'll take you to the next room as a reward. Warning! Both types of creatures have their own little habits. Each of them always go in the same direction. Therefore you'll have to fight against different groups if you don't want to endlessly go round and round.
  • Continue the discussion
Lord Crow is walking up and down the different rooms of this library. Fortunately for you, I'll stay with you in each room to help you locate Lord Crow. Do not hesitate to come to me and ask me where he is when you are lost.
  • End dialogue.
  • Ask where Lord Crow hides
Last time I saw Lord Crow, he was hiding in the _____ room, or maybe in the _____ one, or was it in the _____? or the _____? ... Well, I don't remember.
Note: If Lord Crow has not spawned yet, you will get the following message instead.
This an excellent question! If I were you, I'd walk up and down this library a bit might end up meeting him.
  • End dialogue.
After defeating Lord Crow

Well, it seems Lord Crow appreciated your visit. He's been quite bored lately. He already read all the books of this library and having the opportunity to play with you probably entertained him for a little while. He asked me to offer you one of this fellow pets.

  • Take the fellow and get out


Virgil is found in three different place:


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