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Wa Wabbit's Castle is a dungeon.


Wa Wabbit's Castle is found at (24,-13) in the Isle of the Crown.

To get there see the following image:

File:Map to Wabbit Castle.jpg


To enter, talk to Key Holdew and give him the Wa Wabbit's Castle Key, which is consumed.


Wabbit Castle Room 1

Room 1

First Room

Wabbit Castle Room 2

Room 2

Second Room

Wabbit Castle Room 3

Room 3

Third Room

Wabbit Castle Room 4

Room 4

Fourth Room

Wabbit Castle Room 5

Room 5

Fifth Room


Upon completing the dungeon players receive the Much a Cawwot emote and it is also the only place to fight the Wa Wabbit.

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