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Quest Summary
Starting Read the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19]
Level required 10
Other prerequisites
Recommended level 20
Total rewards 120 Doploon
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Wanted: Akornaddikt the Squirrel is a quest.


Click the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19].

Akornaddikt belongs to a little Osamodas girl called Gwenolaz Barnumuze. According to a family tradition, young Barnumuzes have to train performing squirrels for the great family reunion.
Gwenolaz is desperately trying to train Akornaddikt, who is without a doubt the most stubborn squirrel she has ever seen. Indeed, because of a hormonal disorder, it can only eat acorns. That's why it often escapes and runs around the city of Astrub, looking for tasty acorns to eat.

In Summary

Akornaddikt is somewhere in the city of Astrub.
Rookies should be able to catch him.

Search for Akornaddikt

Bounty Location[]

Step 1: Wanted: Akornaddikt the Squirrel[]

Akornaddikt is wandering through the city in search of succulent acorns to sink his teeth into.
  • Take Akornaddikt back to Astrub so that he can be kept under close watch  [5,-19]
Bring Akornaddikt the Squirrel (following character) to Astrub Jail Guard in the basement of Astrub Militia


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