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Quest Summary
Starting Read the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19]
Level required 70
Other prerequisites
Recommended level 90
Total rewards 660 Doploon
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Wanted: Rok Gnorok is a quest.


Click the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19].

Following a complaint filed by Granny Enutrofette – the oldest member of the City of Mercenaries – the Council of Astrub has issued a wanted notice for Rok Gnorok.
Here are the facts: Rok Gnorok went to the cemetery called the "Cemetery of Heroes" located in the south of Astrub. Hidden among the graves, he patiently waited for an innocent victim to venture into the cemetery. Unfortunately, it happened to be Granny, who was walking KwoKwo, her faithful Piwi. While the carefree Piwi was fooling around the graves, Granny saw the shadow of the Crackrock hidden in the darkness. She screamed so loudly it scared Rok and made him fall backwards. As it happened, it fell on KwoKwo. May he rest in peace.

In Summary

Rok Gnorok can be found in the Enchanted Lakes area.
Rok Gnorok is wanted for offending a senior senior citizen and damaging a Piwi. Sentenced to imprisonment in Astrub for pet bird crushing.
Can be captured by very experienced adventurers.

Search for Rok Gnorok

Bounty Location[]

Step 1: Wanted: Rok Gnorok[]

Rok has been spotted in the Enchanted Lakes area.

He's been sentenced to imprisonment in Astrub.

  • Escort Rok Gnorok to Astrub  [5,-19]
Bring Rok Gnorok (following character) to Astrub Jail Guard in the basement of Astrub Militia


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