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Quest Summary
Starting Read the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19]
Level required 20
Other prerequisites
Recommended level 30
Total rewards 180 Doploon
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Wanted: Stellia Blutzell is a quest.


Click the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19].

Stellia leads the One-armed Bandit clan with an iron fist in a steel glove, which tends to irritate her sensitive skin.
In order to protect her soft complexion, she's developed a special cream. What's more, adventurers possess one of its ingredients. She claims that this ingredient is fluid and good for the skin and, when carefully applied, performs miracles on both body and face. If you meet her, she's certain to ask you to give her some of this ingredient, even just a little - although she tends to take a little too much. What is this magic ingredient, you ask? Adventurer's blood, of course, all warm and fresh!

In Summary

Some people claim to have seen Stellia Blutzell in the forest north of Astrub.
Wanted for multiple assaults.
Sentenced to imprisonment in Astrub for illegal haemoglobin theft. Rookies should be able to capture her.

Search for Stellia

Bounty Location[]

Step 1: Wanted: Stellia Blutzell[]

Some say they've seen Stellia Blutzell in Astrub Forest.

She's wanted for stealing haemoglobin. Sentenced to imprisonment in Astrub.

  • Take Stellia Blutzell back to Astrub so that she can be tried  [5,-19]
Bring Stellia Blutzell (following character) to Astrub Jail Guard in the basement of Astrub Militia