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Quest Summary
Starting Read the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19]
Level required 130
Other prerequisites
Recommended level 150
Total rewards 1320 Doploon
Items required
(not provided by quest)

Wanted: Zatoishwan is a quest.


Click the bounty quest poster in the Astrub Militia at [5,-19].

Zatoishwan is a blind Pandawa who loves gambling. One day, while he was up on a rocky peak meditating on how he could win more games, he was struck by lightning, and the goddess Pandawa revealed the ancestral Pandawushu art to him. By the grace of the goddess, Zatoishwan became a master of the art.
He claimed that the goddess wanted him to be her right-hand man and her own instrument of justice and wrath. For a while, the old warrior was a righter of wrongs and a defender of widows and orphans, admired by everyone. But you can't teach an old Pandawa a new way to down a pint...
As he meditated one day in a remote cave, probably inspired by some henchman of the demon Djaul, he was struck by his own stupidity. Attacking the weak and innocent would be much more profitable, and money was better than the so-called glory he had earned up until that point. In a very short period of time, Zatoishwan became the sworn enemy of the entire population of Astrub and the surrounding area.

In Summary

Can be found somewhere in Feudala.
Wanted for harassing the local populace.
Condemned to imprisonment in Astrub.
Can only be captured by very experienced adventurers.

Look for Zatoishwan

Bounty Location[]

Step 1: Wanted: Zatoishwan[]

Zatoishwan has been spotted near Feudala.

He's been sentenced to imprisonment in Astrub.

  • Escort Zatoishwan to Astrub  [5,-19]
Bring Zatoishwan (following character) to Astrub Jail Guard in the basement of Astrub Militia


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