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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Amayiro
Other prerequisitesThe Hyoactive rats (Bonta Quest #40)
Recommended level
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP, Alignment level 41
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelAn Eca Never Flips (Bonta Quest #42)

Well I'll Be! is a quest.


The local wine merchant has disappeared. I suspect he has been kidnapped, but don't take my word for it. Could you go ask the Bagrutte Innkeeper if he knows anything about it? The merchant often used to pay him a visit.

Accept the mission

Step 1: Information at the BagrutteEdit

The local wine dealer has disappeared. The Innkeeper Bagrutte may have some information.


What's yellow, bubbly and is guaranteed to transform any old weasel into a valiant knight? My quality guaranteed beer, that's what! (This is not a guarantee.)

Ask for info on the merchant.

Disappeared?! I don't believe it... he was one of my best clients!
Well, after his trip here, he started going to his place, a little to the east of here.

Step 2: Investigation further EastEdit

According to Bagrutte, the merchant used to go back home a little further to the east.

Sorry? I found something strange here!

Come closer

As you can see, there are signs of a battle in this corner. What happened? Well I found this weapon on the ground too.
Oh, you're doing an investigation, well here's the weapon, maybe it'll come in useful. Kosuke the smith will be able to tell you where it comes from, but surely you've thought of that already.

You receive 1 Strange Sword.
Show the strange sword.

Let me see your blade.
It's not a common weapon, and judging by the claw marks on the hilt, it must have belonged to an Ecaflip. I'm an expert in all blades but the ones Ecaflips use... you should go and ask some of them. Here, take your sword back.

  • Interrogate the Ecaflips of Bonta
  • Talk to Hersa Dark Claw. She can be found at [-29,-48]

There's no way I'm putting a single foot in those stinking sewers myself. Who knows what I might catch? Nope, you're the one who's going to go and get my bell back for me. I'm sure the White Rat is the one who's got hold of it, the little sneak. Only then will I deign to tell you what I know

  • Defeat 1 x White Rat on the Bonta Rat Dungeon map in a single fight.

Ah, that explains the noisome stench... My bell's going to need bathing in disinfectant for a month... All I know is that I've already seen this type of sword toted about by the Ecaflips who live out of town. I don't know where exactly any more, do I? You don't expect me to remember every single place I've ever hung about in, do you? Anyway, speaking of hanging about, I told you to hop it, so what are you and your gormless face still doing here? You want me to carve you a new face with my claws? Come to think of it, it'd suit you better than the one you've got there.


Any news of that merchant?

Sum up your investigation.

A crime scene and an Ecaflip's sword you say? We'll have to continue investigating then. You're doing a great job, keep it up... and think about taking a bath.

You lose 1 Strange Sword.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 3,167,435)
  • Alignment level 41
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