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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Wes of Tubsterville
Location Entrance to Harebourg's Castle
Coords (-68,-76)
Options Talk

Wes of Tubsterville is an NPC.



*rumble* Oooh... The icy wind up here really makes me hungry! I'd love a nice big serving of Chafer's Pie!

Ask what he does.

My name is Wes of Tubsterville, and I'm the last in a long line of Frigostians who pride themselves on their use of axes... and forks. My job here is of the utmost importance. I'm in charge of the Guard of the Day Without End, which monitors the last active Zaap within the castle walls. We have to make sure that Count Harebourg and his henchmen don't use it. We also keep an eye on everything that's going on in the area, and contain attacks from the master craftsmen's creatures if need be.


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