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NPC Details
Area Wabbit Islands
Location Cawwot Island
Coords [22,-7]
Details See location
Options Talk

Wob is an NPC.



Mowning to you, little-cawwotted man. I've a gweat deal to offew you. If you bwing me back 100 scwumptious Cawwots, I'll give you a spell of my own cweation. My bwothews awe afwaid of me and my stwange ideas. They hawe locked me hewe with no food... If you can steal something fow me to eat, my spell is youws.

Hand over 100 Cawwots.

Hewe it is, now you will be able to gwow cawwots youwself.


  1. To reach Wob you must enter the main burrow network of the central island at [26,-8]
  2. go up and go left at [26,-10]
  3. go up at [24,-8].
  4. exit the burrow at [23,-10]
  5. go down and enter any burrow at [23,-9]
  6. pass through the mazes and take the left exit from the dark room at [23,-7].
  • To reach the southeast exit
    • talk to Wolling Evening Wabbit,
    • click on the square marked '1',
    • then the southeast exit.
  • To reach the northwest corner where Wob is
    • click on the square marked '1'
    • the square marked '2'
    • the northwest exit.
    • Your character will automatically move along the path without falling
    • other characters blocking your way may still cause you to fall.

Wabbit secret - simple path


Teaches the spell
In exchange for


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