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NPC Details
Area Wabbit Islands
Wolling Evening Wabbit
Location Cawwot Island
Coords (22,-5)
Options Talk

Wolling Evening Wabbit is an NPC. Formerly known as Wabbit of the Wolling Evening.



I am the Wabbit of Etewnal Evening... I love the sound of Cawwots being cwunched in the dawk. I pawty all night and go to bed at an ungodly houw of the mowning.

Take the key.
What? But... But... I had it when I met those Skeleton Wabbits who wanted to devouw me waw! I must have dwopped it as I spwinted fow my life! One of my attackews will cewtainly have picked it up... All you have to do is find out which one.


Features in


To reach Wolling Evening Wabbit you must enter the main burrow network of the central island at (26,-8) go up and go bottom left at (26,-10), then go up at (24,-8).
When you exit the burrow at (23,-10) go down and enter any burrow at (23,-9), pass through the mazes and take the bottom exit from the dark room at (23,-7)

Cawwot Island Dark Maze