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NPC Details
Area Cania Plains
Location Lousy Pig Plain
Coords [-4,-24]
Details Inside the Temple of Scriptures
Options Talk, Buy/sell

Xanamla is an NPC.



Have you earnt any Almokens yet? If you want to exchange them, you're in the right place. Hand 'em over and I can offer astromagical potions that will transform your life, books about the signs of the Doziak, pebbles that you can use to manufacture powerful items... oh, and a few emotes so that you can strike a pose in between offerings. I learnt some of these gestures from the Meridia themselves, which I guess makes them divine!

(Close this dialogue)


Item Name Price (Almokens)
Gobtubby Astromagical Potion 1
Tabby Bow Meow Astromagical Potion 1
Minimino Astromagical Potion 2
Grauler Astromagical Potion 2
Bworky Astromagical Potion 3
Gobball - Signs of the Doziak I 3
Minotoror - Signs of the Doziak II 3
Dopples - Signs of the Doziak III 3
Craboral - Signs of the Doziak IV 3
Bow Meow - Signs of the Doziak V 3
Bworkette - Signs of the Doziak VI 3
Kilibriss - Signs of the Doziak VII 3
Scurvion - Signs of the Doziak VIII 3
Centoror - Signs of the Doziak IX 3
Seadragon - Signs of the Doziak X 3
Puddly - Signs of the Doziak XI 3
Snappers - Signs of the Doziak XII 3
Seasonal Pebble 3
The Folkloric Chronicles of Anne Thrope-Oloji 5
Lunar Pebble 15
Stone-washed Borbat 50
Solar Pebble 75
Emote Scroll: Read a Book 75
Emote Scroll: Kowtow 150
Black Quaquack 150
Emote Scroll: Be Cold 200
Emote Scroll: Be Hot 200
Spell Scroll: Summoning of Arachnee 200
Emote Scroll: Cheer on 200
Emote Scroll: Yawn 200
Emote Scroll: Piwi 300
Emote Scroll: Read a Map 300
Emote Scroll: Spyglass 300
Emote Scroll: Flex Muscles 500
Brindled Minifoux 500


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