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An Agility Xelor build. Focuses on tanking the enemy(s), getting around fast and dealing high Critical Damage, as opposed to all out AP theft.


  • Agility: The main stat for this build. Scroll it, as it has low soft caps; if you can't scroll, then raise to 80 with points before working on Vitality.
  • Vitality: The secondary stat of this build. Lasting longer is always good and although you will take more hits (As you won't take as much AP as Wisdom hybrids) you will last much longer. Scrolling to 101 is a good idea before you invest stat points.
  • Chance: Whatever the way, raise it to 11 as it is a requirement for the all-important Blessdags you will be using. Better scroll it.
  • Intelligence: Scroll it to 101 if you can, you don't need to raise it otherwise.
  • Strength: You should try and scroll it if you can, as Strength is a requirement for using some high-level Daggers.
  • Wisdom: Always useful for Xelors. Do not raise with stat points, but scrolling is recommended, of course.

Class spellsEdit

With update 1.17, all Xelor spells except Rhol Bak have 10% probability to add 1 AP to the caster, this also applies when spells are cast on allies, eg. Counter and Blinding Protection.

The class spells available to members of the Xelor class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
RholBak Rhol Bak Exchange for Doploons Sends all non-summoned units back to their starting position.
SlowDown Slow Down 1 Reduces AP of an enemy. Can only be cast once per player per turn. Can be cast a maximum of 4 times a turn.
Counter Counter 1 Reflects damage against an enemy. Improved by the users wisdom.
Hand Hand 1 Fire
Deals a moderate amount of fire-type damage.
Frostbite Frostbite 3 Air
Deals a moderate amount of air-type damage and reduces enemies AP.
XelorsSandglass Xelor's Sandglass 6 Fire
Deals low Fire-Type damage, reduces enemies AP and is linear. No line of sight needed.

DarkRay Dark Ray 9 Fire
Deals high fire-type damage, steals 1 range and is linear.
Teleportation Teleportation 13 Allows the Xelor to teleport over a large range.
Shriveling Shriveling 17 Air
Deals High Air-Type damage and is linear.
Haziness Haziness 21 Reduces the AP of all players who are in the spell's AoE for a short time, AP loss is unavoidable.
TemporalDust Temporal Dust 26 Fire
Deals moderate Fire-Type in an AoE and reduces enemies AP.
TimeTheft Time Theft 31 Steals AP from a target.
HomingHand Homing Hand 36 Water
Needle does Water damage
Summons a Needle.
Temporal Paradox Temporal Paradox 42 Boosts the all the caster's and allies AP in its AoE for a few turns.
Flight Flight 48 Allows the Xelor to move one square.
LossOfMotivation Loss of Motivation 54 Lowers the targets % AP Resistance.
BlindingProtection Blinding Protection 60 Increases caster's % AP Resistance and reflects some damage.
Mummification Mummification 70 Changes skin, reduces damage taken, + % AP resistance, - MP and +Dmg to the caster.
Clock Clock 80 Water
Steals AP in addition to doing high water damage.
XelorsPunch Xelor's Punch 90 Earth
Does a high amount of earth damage.
XelorsDial Xelor's Dial 100 Summons a static creature, which reduces AP resistance of opponent. With 8 AP it can also lower all of the enemy's team AP by 1 for 1 turn.
XelorsDopple Summoning of Xelor Dopple 200 Summons a Xelor Dopple

Spells to level up are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Shriveling Shriveling 17 Air
raise to 5- Its a good spell to use if not in range to use daggers with the same AP cost also very good to use until level 46
Teleportation Teleportation 13 raise to 5- A must have spell when you get good hitting daggers at level 46
Dagger Skill Dagger Skill N/A Good with dagger of course
Temporal Paradox Temporal Paradox 42 Save points till level 42 and max this out it is amazing with 7 base ap and this you get a nice 3x dagger hits a turn or 3 shrivelings
Flight Flight 48
Moon Hammer Moon Hammer N/A High damage potential at level 5, and at range. Try to get it as soon as you can
SlowDown Slow Down 1 Great spell to max out

after this max what you feel and have fun with this setup.


At this point, you may decide where you will go with your character. For Agility/AP rape, use the Legendary Crackler Set. For tanking and PvP, use the Royal Coco Blop Set. For massive amounts of damage and mobility, stick with your Aerdala Pieces and the Jellix Crown.

A note: Getting the exact amount of + Crit bonuses as has been mentioned is essential to the survival of the build. 1/3 just isn't enough.

After this point, you have learned enough about yourself to format your Xelor according to your fighting style and damage preferences. Be creative!

Leveling Guide Edit

  • Lv. 37-59: This will be about the most boring time of your character's life. Get a nice Prespic Set or custom Wisdom/Vitality set and keep fighting Mushden, or pay a visit to the Bonta Rats. Running the Royal Gobball's Court with a small group is also a fast level. If you have really nice Vitality on your equips, you could also fight Lousy Pigs (you must have 4 MP, and 8 AP with Temporal Paradox.
  • Lv. 60-107: Your life starts here! Put on the said equips and those gorgeous, perfectly maged Blessdags, and go PvP like crazy! This is the point where I ranked the fastest, and I made decent money off of the Target Quests offered in Bonta's Militia. For those who don't wish to take the risks of PvP, you may farm the Royal Gobball's Court solo or run the Blop Fields with friends.
  • Lv. 108+: At this point, you will get most of your experience from solo Gobball Dungeon runs and Kanis/boowolfs. Get creative, organize a hunt, solo Moon mobs in full wis... The choice is up to you!

Battle Tactics Edit

Every warrior has a favorite set of moves for efficient obliteration. Here is one.


Typical battle sequence starts with picking the spot closest to the enemy (unless said enemy is a Sram or Sacrier with an unreal amount of life). Try to stack up on Initiative so you can do the following (in order):

First Turn

Second Turn

  • Just keep bashing away with those daggers.
  • If you have less than 9 AP, then 2x daggers + LoM/SD


With monsters, you have more time to buff yourself up before the major assault.

First Turn

  • For easy mobs (Gobballs, Treechnids, etc.), Devo then Tesseract to the mob and bash away.
  • For harder mobs (Dreggons, etc.) Devo + Shrivel at a distance.

Second Turn

  • Keep bashing away. When you Devo runs out, renew it and repeat. It's that simple =D
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