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This one is for an xelor, but more specifically the intelligence build. This build is often overlooked as the bog standard, boring build but it gives you an extremely versatile character, capable of attacking the enemy with the only AoE (area of effect) spell that xelors posses, and spells without line of sight. The main drawback is that a lot of spells are linear.


As an intelligence xelor, I'd recommend putting all of your points into intelligence until at least 250-300. After 300 points have been reached, it'd probably be a good idea to put points into vitality or wisdom. Make sure that you scroll intelligence before investing any points (if you are going to scroll) and it's probably best to scroll wisdom, vitality and maybe agility. If you can afford it, why not?

Xelor capsEdit

Rate 1:1 2:1 3:1 4:1 5:1
Vit 1+ - - - -
Wis - - 1+ - -
Str - 1-50 51-150 151-250 250+
Int 1-100 101-200 201-300 301-400 401+
Cha 1-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81+
Agi 1-20 21-40 41-60 61-80 81+


Core spellsEdit

Icon Spell Level Description
Slow down 1 Reduces the ap of an enemy, I would suggest levelling to 3 at least
Hand 1 Your first intelligence attack, level this to 6 as it has great range
Xelor's sandglass 6 Although this spell doesn't hit too well, it has no line of sight and as such, level to at least 5
Dark ray 9  This is a big hitter, with awesome range (it steals the target's range) Level to 6
Temporal dust 26  The AoE spell. Level this to 5 as it is very useful in hitting loads of enemies at once
Temporal Paradox
Temporal Paradox 42 Level this one to 5/6 straight away. It gives 2 AP for 3 turns
Mummification 70 Level to 6, this reduces damage taken, increases damage dealt but means you can't teleport for a while

Other spellsEdit

These spells really are up to you whether or not you level


  • Teleports the target to where they were at the start of the turn. Most people don't have much use for this one


  • This is an agility spell, so don't bother levelling unless you want to become hybrid


  • This one is entirely up to you. It teleports you to the selected cell. You should level this or flight


  • Don't level as this is an agility spell, unless you plan on being hybrid


  • Reduces the AP of all those in the AoE. Level only if you find yourself using it a lot

Time theft

  • Steals AP from a target. I'd level it to 2 or 3, but higher if you use it a lot

Homing hand

  • Don't level. This summons a hand which inflicts strength damage, not intelligence


  • Level this if you don't level Teleportation, as it allows you to move one step per spell. I would only level to 3, as this makes it 2ap and 5 uses per turn

Loss of motivation

  • This makes it more likely that the target will lose AP, so can be a powerful tool if used correctly


  • Again, this is personal preference. It reflects damage so can be useful


  • This is a chance spell, so there's not much point levelling unless you hybridise

Xelor's punch

  • The only strength xelor attack, this isn't for you except if you want to hybrid

Xelor's dial

  • Reduces the AP of enemies. May come in handy so use your own judgement

Summoning of xelor dopple

  • This is totally up to you


Levels 1-19Edit

Levels 20-59Edit

Levels 60-99Edit

Levels 100-129Edit

  • Get the feudala set , as this gives a lot of intelligence for such a low level set
  • The vassal set is an alternative at level 105

Levels 130-162Edit

Levels 163+Edit

Levelling guideEdit

Player Identified in guide by:
F2P Italicised text
P2P Normal text

Levels 1-20Edit

  • Stay in Incarnam doing quests and the odd fight, thanks to the achievements and the xp boost from having higher level characters, it is now very easy to get to level 20 without doing too many fights
  • Astrub also have some very good quests for levelling
  • If you can, try to leech with some friends or follow the F2P guide at this point
  • Dopples

Levels 21-30Edit

Levels 31-50Edit

Levels 51-80Edit

Levels 81-120Edit

Levels 121-200Edit

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