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An Intelligence and Wisdom Xelor build.




Class SpellsEdit

The class spells available to members of the Xelor class are:

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Hand Hand 1 Fire
Deals a moderate amount of fire damage.
Counter Counter 1 Reflcets a small amount of damage to opponent.
Slow Down Slow Down 1 Causes the opponent to lose AP.
Frostbite Frostbite 3 Air
Does a small amount of damage and AP drain
Haziness Haziness 6 Temporarily reduces the AP of all players, AP loss is unavoidable.
Dark Ray Dark Ray 9 Fire
Deals a large amount of fire damage, linear.
Teleportation Teleportation 13 Allows the Xelor to travel to another square within range. Usually used for retreat, but sometimes to get close to a fleeing opponent.
Shriveling Shriveling 17 Air
Does air damage, uses only 3AP, linear.
Xelor's Sandglass Xelor's Sandglass 21 Fire
Deals fire damage and a small AP loss .
Temporal Dust Temporal Dust 26 Fire
An AoE (Area of effect) Fire spell that deals moderate damage and AP loss.
Time Theft Time Theft 31 Steals AP from the target, granting them to the Xelor. Since the spell costs more AP than it grants, it is useful only to supplement AP loss from slow down or sandglass, both of which are only useful on a target once per turn.
Homing Hand Homing Hand 36 Water
Creates a Needle with 40 MP which will pick an opponent to attack. Its attack destroys itself.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Devotion Temporal Paradox 42 Grants AP to the xelor and any others standing in a cross 2 squares in each direction. The AP lasts for only two turns.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Flight Flight 48 Allows the Xelor to move a single square; useful for retreat when Teleport has already been used or the Xelor wishes to use less AP in retreating so he can still attack. Critical Failure chance is high when the spell is low level.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Loss of Motivation Loss of Motivation 54 Reduces the chance of an enemy resisting AP reduction.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Blinding Protection Blinding Protection 60 Increases chance of avoiding AP losses up to 60% and reflects damage.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Mummification Mummification 70 Changes the Xelor's skin, +100% ap resists, gains damage but loses 2 MP for the duration of the spell. Also reduces enemies damage, based on intelligence the more intelligence the more damage reduce.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Clock Clock 80 Water
Drains AP in addition to doing high water damage.
Xelor's Punch Xelor's Punch 90 Earth
Does a high amount of earth damage.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Dial of Xelor Xelor's Dial 100 Summons a static creature. Dial reduces AP resistance of opponent, with 8 AP it can also lower all of the enemys team AP by 1 for 1 turn.

The BuildEdit

Build SummaryEdit

Class: Xelor Build: Intelligence/Wisdom
An EXPENSIVE build based on Intelligence and Wisdom)
Main stats: Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility
Main spells:

Low and middle levels:
Higher levels:

Lv. 101 Base Stats


Lv. 101 Spells

Spare : xx pts for ..

Skill point investing guideEdit

  • ALL points to Intelligence until 300 (This will not just increase your Damage, but you´ll get some nice Heals, that will be Handy wearing Healing Weapons, just like Boogey...)
  • Wisdom should be Scrolled at 101, not less! (Reflex, Power Leveling and Dodge AP and MP)
  • When you get 300 Int, you are free to invest in Wisdom.
  • At lvl 170 you'd get a base Wisdom of 200
  • Scroll Agility (Dodge, Critical Hits)

Spell point investing guideEdit

  • 1-11 => Slow Down...Now U can Take Blops...
  • 11-21 => Hand
  • 21-31 => Xelor's Sandglass
  • 31-41 => Time Theft or Harmmer Skill
  • 41-51 => Temporal Paradox
  • 51-61 => Flight
  • 61-71 => Blinding Protection
  • 71-81 => Mummification
  • 81-91=> Counter
  • 91-101 => (Harmmer Skill or Time Theft) Hand lvl 6 - Slow Down lvl 6 - Counter lvl 6
  • 101-111=> Harmmer Skill lvl 6
  • 111-121=> Hand lvl 6 - Slow Down lvl 6 - Counter lvl 6
  • 121-131=> Hand lvl 6 - Slow Down lvl 6 - Counter lvl 6 or Xelor's Sandglass lvl 6
  • 131-142=> Temporal Paradox lvl 6
  • 141-151=> Flight lvl 6
  • 151-161=> Blinding Protection lvl 6
  • 161-171=> Mummification lvl 6

Hand VS. Dark RayEdit

At the end of the day this just comes down to your personal preference.

They are two very similar spells, which means it'd be pointless to raise them both (Unless you are rich enough to scroll your spells).

Hand's main advantage is that it is not linear, it also has more constant damage than Dark Ray, though does hit less at max.

Dark Ray's main advantages are that it can deal more damage than Hand at max and that it takes range from its target. It is however linear which restricts its use a lot. One interesting point to make is that as Xelor's Sandglass is also linear, it can make it easier to line up both of the spells.

Overall though it is just your own opinion.

Possible additional spellsEdit

Leveling GuideEdit

See the general Leveling guide



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