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A Strength Xelor build.


Soft CapsEdit


Xelor's CharacteristicsEdit

  • Chance Chance: Not only do Xelors have really bad Chance soft caps, but this is a Strength build, so no real use for any Chance (Except maybe to equip certain Weapons). The only reason you would scroll it is either if you are very rich and like the bonus of 10 PP, or needed it to equip a weapon.
  • Vitality Vitality: Not really too useful these days. With 5 HP gained per level there's really no point putting anything into Vitality. Scrolling to 101 is okay just for the boost, but not a must.
  • Intelligence Intelligence: As with Chance, there's no real need to even scroll this unless you need it to equip a weapon.
  • Strength Strength: As this is a Strength build this is your main stat. However, Xelors have really poor soft caps for strength, so scrolling to 101 is a must. After that you may put a few points in, depending on how much of a difference you feel it makes.
  • Agility Agility: Has its uses, the increased critical hit rate and dodge locks are always a nice bonus. A good thing to scroll though it shouldn't be raised otherwise.
  • Wisdom Wisdom: Always important to Xelors as it increases your chances of taking AP (Not to mention speeds up your leveling). Scrolling to 101 is a must if you want to be competant, putting points in is a maybe, though most of your wisdom will probably come from gear.

Raising CharacteristicsEdit

  1. Scroll Strength to 101.
  2. Scroll Wisdom to 101.
  3. Regardless of scrolling you should pour all your points into Wisdom.
  4. You should also aim to fully scroll all of your other stats. Though until your 100+ atleast its unneccessary


Class SpellsEdit

Icon Name Level Short description
Hammer Skill Hammer Skill (5) Increases hammer damage
Counter Counter (5) Returns a small amount of damage to opponent (Wisdom spell)
Slow Down Slow Down (5) Causes the opponent to lose AP.
Teleportation Teleportation (5) Allows the Xelor to travel to another square within range. Usually used for retreat, but sometimes to get close to a fleeing opponent.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Devotion Temporal Paradox (5) Grants AP to the xelor and any others standing in a cross 2 squares in each direction. The AP lasts for only two turns.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Flight Flight (5) Allows the Xelor to move a single square; useful for retreat when Teleport has already been used or the Xelor wishes to use less AP in retreating so he can still attack. Critical Failure chance is high when the spell is low level.
Xelor-Icon-Spell-Blinding Protection Blinding Protection (5) Increases chance of avoiding AP losses up to 60% and reflects damage (Wisdom spell)
Xelor's Punch Xelor's Punch (5) Does a high amount of damage.


There is a general leveling guide here. For a somewhat more specific guide, see below:



Level Set
1~10/25 Young Adventurer Set
10/25~38 STR Gobball Set
38~83 Prespic Set
83~114 Terrdala Set
114~142 Ancestral Set
143+ Moowolf Set
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