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A Wisdom Xelor Build. Expensive and hard, but can be powerful. It's more of a support character and needs a lot of help through early levels. This build is for those who have the support to go through early levels, it's not a solo build.


  1. You must scroll Wisdom to 101.
  2. From here on out put all of your points into Wisdom.
  3. You should also aim to fully scroll all of your other stats (most importantly chance).


  • Lv. 1-11: Raise Slow Down to 5.
  • Lv. 12-21: Raise Counter to 5. Counter is now a lvl 60 spell as an alternative Shriveling would be fine.
  • Lv. 22-31: Raise Teleportation to 5.
  • Lv. 32-41: Save points to raise Temporal Paradox to 5.
  • Lv. 42-51: Save points, then raise Flight to 5. A must seeing as at Level 1-4 the CF is 1/10.
  • Lv. 52-61: Save points, then raise Blinding Protection to 5.
  • Lv. 62-71: Raise Xelor's Sandglass to 5.
  • Lv. 72-81: Save points, then raise Clock to 5.
  • Lv. 82-99: Save points.
  • Lv. 100: Raise Xelor's Dial to 5.

Or alternatively, this set of spells works rather well.

  • Lv. 1-11: Raise Counter to 5.
  • Lv. 12-21: Raise Slow Down to 4, then save points. (You can choose to level it to 5, but it will mean waiting until 61 to raise Blinding Protection to 5)
  • Lv. 22-31: Save points.
  • Lv. 32-41: Save points and raise Homing Hand to 5.
  • Lv. 42-51: Raise Temporal Paradox to 5, then save points to raise Flight to 5.
  • Lv. 52-61: Save points, then raise Blinding Protection to 5.
  • Lv. 62-71: If you haven't already, raise Slow Down to 5. Then raise either Xelor's Sandglass, Teleportation, Time Theft or Hammer Skill to 5. Whichever suits you best.
  • Lv. 72-81: Raise one of the remaining spells from (Lv. 62-71) to 4. (You can choose to raise it to 5, but it will mean waiting until 81 for Clock rank 5). Raise Clock to 5 as soon as you are able.
  • Lv. 82-100: Save points, then raise Xelor's Dial to 5.
  • Lv. 101+: Use any points you have to get your spells already on rank 5 to rank 6, then spend them on any remaining useful spells. Remember to save points for spells like Blinding Protection, Clock and the Xelor Dopple spell.


Remember - often you can make hybrid sets which have more wisdom and/or chance. Don't spend too much time working this out though, or you will lose precious grinding time!

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