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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Xeloro Verpowered
Location Handymen's Quarter (Bonta)
Coords [-27,-61]
Options Talk

Xeloro Verpowered is an NPC.

Formerly known as Xelora Busai.



We Xelors are the most powerful race in the World of Twelve. Noone can beat us, not even the Bworker whose butt hide I peeled off to make this cape.


Ever since I was a kid I was into watchmaking and that's exactly why I chose to worship the god Xelor. Now that I'm better at my hobby, well... it's no longer a hobby. You'll have to come see one of my shows at the arena actually. I'll show you how to make a grown Bworker cry, it's very entertaining. I'm actually talking with Moob Tsinhcetoryp about putting on a pyrotechnics show.


Features in


A rearrangement of overpowered Xelor.

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