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Zaap is a method of transportation, for a list of all transportation methods, see Transport.

Zaaps are gates that allow instant travel to other Zaaps or Alliance Prisms (if they have a Teleportation Module) for a small fee.

Zaaps can be saved by travelling to the zaap you wish to save and selecting save from the top left corner in the zaap menu. You can only travel to zaaps which you have previously visited. You count as visiting a zaap if you simply walk onto a map with a zaap on it.

If you choose "Save" from the zaap menu, the zaap will be recorded as your "save point." Whenever death occurs or you surrender a battle, if you don't become a ghost, you will return to the last saved zaap. Also, if you use a Recall Potion, you will be teleported to your last saved zaap.

Zaap Prices[]

Zaap prices are based on the distance between the zaaps: the closer the zaap you want to reach, the cheaper the travel.

The formula uses the integer value of a straight line (hypotenuse in right angle triangle) between the zaaps. Thus the distance from (-2,0) to (5,7) is sqrt( (5-(-2))^2 + (7-0)^2 ) = sqrt( 98 ) = 9.)

The base price for zaaping is (distance * 10) kamas.

Characters can't travel to Villages owned by the opposing Alliance via Zaap.

It should also be noted that in Incarnam all Zaap fees are divided by four.

The cost for using the Zaap inside your Haven Bag is based on your actual position, not the location displayed while you are inside.

Zaap List[]

Amaknean Continent Zaaps[]

Area (Subarea) Coordinates
Amakna (Amakna Castle) [3,-5]
Amakna (Amakna Village) [-2,0]
Amakna (Crackler Mountain) [-5,-8]
Amakna (Edge of the Evil Forest) [-1,13]
Amakna (Gobball Corner) [5,7]
Amakna (Madrestam Harbour) [7,-4]
Amakna (Scaraleaf Plain) [-1,24]
Archipelago of Scales (Crocuzko) [-83,-15]
Astrub (Astrub City) [5,-18]
Bonta (City Centre) [-32,-56]
Brakmar (City Centre) [-26,35]
Cania Plains (Cania Lake) [-3,-42]
Cania Plains (Cania Massif) [-13,-28]
Cania Plains (Imp Village) [-16,-24]
Cania Plains (Kanig Village) [0,-56]
Cania Plains (Lousy Pig Plain) [-5,-23]
Cania Plains (Rocky Plains) [-17,-47]
Cania Plains (Rocky Roads) [-20,-20]
Cania Plains (The Cania Fields) [-27,-36]
Depths of Astrub (Arch of Vili) [15,-20]
Dopple Territory (Dopple Village) [-34,-8]
Frigost Island (Entrance to Harebourg's Castle) [-67,-75]
Frigost Island (Frigost Village) [-78,-41]
Frigost Island (Snowbound Village) [-77,-73]
Koalak Mountain (Breeder Village) [-16,1]
Moon Island (Turtle Beach) [35,12]
Ohwymi (Dunes of Bones) [15,-58]
Otomai Island (Canopy Village) [-54,16]
Otomai Island (Coastal Village) [-46,18]
Pandala Island (Pandala Village) [20,-29]
Sidimote Moors (Caravan Alley) [-25,12]
Sidimote Moors (Desecrated Highlands) [-15,25]
Sufokia Bay (Alliance Temple) [13,35]
Sufokia Bay (Sufokia) [13,26]
Sufokia Bay (Sufokian Shoreline) [10,22]
Tainela (The Cradle) [1,-32]
Wabbit Islands (Abandoned Labowatowies) [27,-14]
Wabbit Islands (Cawwot Island) [25,-4]
The Zoth Village (Zoth Village) [-53,18]

Incarnam Zaaps[]

Area (Subarea) Coordinates
Incarnam (Cemetery) [3,0]
Incarnam (Pastures) [2,-5]
Incarnam (Way of Souls) [-1,-3]


  • According to the Wakfu TV series, and the Islands of Wakfu game, the zaaps were invented by Eliatropes.
  • The Zaap resembles the Stargate from the sci-fi franchise of the same name.